DEAL CHECK 2023 Toytoa Tacoma 4x4 SR

OR Dealer im in Washington state. Deal is through Toyota Financial According to dealer the MF is.00225 But im off on the calculator. Is this a good deal?calculator

@Jrouleau426 reach out to him

The monthly just looking at it doesn’t seem “terrible” but get the actual price/window sticker of the vehicle, not the market value as they have posted on the worksheet. There might not be any actual discount on the car, they could have jacked it up $2000 just to offer a $1600 “discount”

confirmed msrp

Your calculator seems to be pretty spot on. Being within $5-10 of the dealers numbers is good. It can come down to a rounding issue when it’s that close on the monthly, or something a $299 dealer fee is actually $499 etc. I have no idea what these are going for these days, but check out edmunds to verify the incentives and mf, and see if you qualify for military or college grad to knock a few bucks off, maybe even first responder/health care worker.

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