Deal Check: 2023 Pathfinder SL (newb leaser)

Hi All – this forum motivated me to jump on my first lease. Been a long-time buy trader.

Anyway, would love for opinions on this deal? I definitely know I am not using the calculator correct so am attaching the worksheet from the dealer for additional reference. Thanks in advance!

MSRP: $47,075
Selling: $44,383
Term: 18/10k
MSDs: $$1633 ( I think) 5x
Tax Rate: 6.25%

Anything I need to push back on? get clarity? open to any and all suggestions.

Link to calculator


Your biggest savings would come from the MF reduction of one-pay with 9 MSD.


Thanks yeah. I’m actually happy with the MSD route as well as one-pay doesn’t seem to get me much more and I’m not risking losing $ in the event of a loss.

Thats not how one pays work

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How does it work? My understanding was that DAS paid is a loss. Can you provide more color? Willing to learn, I honestly don’t know.

Agree — I asked this particular Sales manager about it and he told me upon total loss event you do not get one-pay recouped. please enlighten us it would be super helpful.

That can apply with a large downpayment on a normal lease. On a one pay, you typically get a prorated refund.

This would be a question for the specific bank. I wouldnt expect the dealer to know the answer.

Bizarre that so many people have been doing NMAC one-pays on this forum and to my knowledge no one has confirmed this in writing from them.

Becuase that sales manager wants you to go the other way so they make more money.

A one-pay is not a down payment, you would get a prorated amount.

Never take advice from your adversary.

One pay with 9 MSDs is cheaper by over $100/month effective.

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Even as a down payment/CCR, the entire DAS is never entirely lost, because the first month’s payment is collected at the time you sign your lease, and that payment and every subsequent payment over the entire lease term will be lower compared to a lower (or $0) DAS deal with otherwise-identical terms.

From there, the amount that’s “at risk” decreases every month, until it’s zero in the final month.

And if you have a catastrophic loss during the term of the lease and the insurance payout is sufficient, you still aren’t out anything no matter when the loss occurs.

This matter is perpetually and grossly oversimplified here.

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