Deal Check: 2023 Mustang Mach E Premium AWD Std-Battery

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Hey Hackers
Been able to find this deal around Washington. The deals here pretty much suck and even this is from an oregon dealer. Is this decent? Final numbers, not yet signed.

Also my goal was pretty much a decent daily commute ev suv so if you know of something that fits and is not a bolt/id4( no offence), let me know.

This looks a little expensive to me based on numbers I have seen here but I haven’t seen anything better for WA.
Thank you for the help

Looks like Ford is offering a discounted MF and maybe an increased residual. No rebate, 3.6% off. Seems fine, but not great. In my area I’m seeing Mach-E inventory building up. If you’re not in a rush, I’d see what else Ford offers between now and end of year.

Have you tried for an Ioniq5/6?

If you’re eligible for the Federal EV rebate, I would also just consider a MY purchase. At $40k-ish after rebate it’s stupidly cheap. The Model 3 at $30k is even better - check local Tesla inventory as it’s being discounted. I’m not a Tesla fan, but based on MY pricing, Ford will have no choice but to offer more discounts on the Mach E.

If Ford Mach E inventory was sparse (like last year) I may have said go for it, but we’re seeing inventory build up. Worst case, you line up a dealer end of month who will discount 10%+ from MSRP

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Are you absolutely stuck on the Mach E? At this price range, the IONIQ 5 has more features(6 too if a sedan is ok) and is a better road tripper. GV 60 also an option, but would be a bit more expensive.


Actually, just get a BMW iX. I’ve seen broker deals for $799 or less and it’s a significant step up from the Mach-E. That or a Mercedes. Why bother with the Mach E when we’re seeing iX, EQS, and the odd Audi etron-GT leasing for a bit more.

Those deals are for 7.5k miles only and have a higher DAS than OP currently has. Furthermore, the insurance cost to insure an iX is considerably more expensive than it is to insure a Mach E or similar EV. I think that it’s pretty important to compare them with similar terms.

@mistergoober yeah pretty much arriving at the same conclusion that I should wait. The way ford dealers seemed incentivized and themselves mentioned “building up inventory”, maybe end of year may not be bad. Not in a rush but yeah need another car.

And I don’t qualify for fed rebate, otherwise MY was a no brainer.

See the other post on the Mercedes EQE, less $ per month, either wait or grab something like that with 15%+ off along with rebates!

Did you cross show with other cars? I had this exact version and EV6. EV6 was superior in pretty much every way. You should be able to get a Wind with Tech pkg below this price point.

@parkville Any pointers? Most of those good kia deals in marketplace are Nj or Cali only. I am in WA

You could drive it back up or ship it.

Im in Oregon and had vehicles shipped from the east for a little over $2k, Midwest for $1,500, and AZ/CA for $1k. Even with shipping costs the deals are better. Also the above could be $200-$300 less if you can pick up in Portland or Seattle. I’m a bit off the beaten path for the transports.

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Don’t know much about that region.

WA dealers suck, just buy it from CA and drive it up

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@Cabo2Bend That was the plan. I am in Seattle and was planning on driving this deal from Oregon. Cali also works, just that most good Cali deals right now arw Cali residents only. They put in my zipcode and it goes to the crapper.

Alright here’s the new calculator. I was able to negotiate another dealer down to $589 pm, 2500 Das. How’s this?

This brings my monthly payment down by 50$ from the previous deal, keeping the das pretty much same.

Okay negotiated a a little more. Finally signed at 550 pm with free out of state delivery thrown in. Not sure how strong it is but I definitely am happy since I really wanted this car and my goal was to negotiate the best deal on this vs the best deal there.

PS: I did check out the EQB deal as well and with my 10k mile req, it was effectively 650 pm so not really great.


You last posted LEASEHACKR SCORE was 7.8 years and sounds like you your final was even better than that.

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