Deal Check: 2023 MINI Countryman S All4


My fiancé was quoted the deal below. Curious if it looks good. Last couple leases I helped negotiate was a much better discount but market conditions are tough.

2023 MINI Countryman S All4
MSRP: $40k
Discount: $3,700
DAS: 3,700. (VA taxes, fees, 1st month)
Buy rate MF: 0.00235
Dealer didn’t feel like bothering with MSDs so just gave extra $700
Monthly payment: $472

I have a 2020 I leased in July 2020
Msrp was a bit above 41k
Paid 3000 das, 380 a month all in
Obvs different situation , just for reference

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Aside from some exceptional circumstances it doesn’t make sense to lease in a state such as VA that taxes the full value of the car.

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