Deal Check: 2023 Infiniti QX60

After reaching out to many, many Infiniti dealers as per the comments. Here is the best deal I was able to get from a local dealership in Illinois:

2023 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD
MSRP: $52,625
Selling Price: $48,779

MF: 0.00259
Residual: 67%
Months: 36
Miles/Year: 10K miles

Cash down: $5,000 includes TTL
MSD: $5,400 (9 x $600)

Payment: $472.29/mo

So what do the Hackrs think? This is the best I can do without going outside the local market. With the shipping or travel costs, the savings I’ve seen in the Marketplace would be a wash. While this is a better deal overall, it puts me in a 36 month lease and requires a hefty security deposit, where I only needed a 24 month lease (looking to get something smaller in 2025 after my oldest child goes to college).

Post a link to your LH calculator

Not sure what the Market is on a QX60 these days, but yikes only 7% off on an Infiniti with no trunk cash. Walk away from that deal unless you truly need the car right now. I got my QX50 for like 415 including tax (in a tax HEAVY state) and zero down less than 2 years ago for reference. I would take this car for $473 with no money down but MSDs…

Not relevant; that’s a completely different model.

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This is approximate to match the monthly payment. I couldn’t get it to align exactly because I didn’t have some of the fees.

OP can ask for a deeper discount like 10% off MSRP. A few weeks ago I got a quote from an IL dealer on a $60K QX60 Luxe. Monthly payment is less than $600 with only first month due at signing. It was 36/10 with MSDs and I don’t qualify for loyalty.

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