Deal Check - 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 sel awd $3k das $315/month 36/10

Don’t have the deal sheet yet but this was the offer from the dealer. It includes $7500 in incentives and $7500 dealer discount. Tax and fees is included in the $3k das.

Seems pretty good. Thoughts?

Try using the calculator. What’s the term ? 36/10k? What’s the msrp?

This is my best attempt. I think das is actually a few hundred lower and payment is a few dollars higher but close enough. link (hopefully)

Did you try more dealers. Seems like there a ton of 2023s still at dealers. Maybe you can get more off msrp?

Just found out I’m also getting a $600 Amazon gift card. I did check with many dealers and no one was under $500/month effective

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