Deal Check 2023 Honda Hybrid Sport L / purchase

Hi - looking at an 2023 Urban gray Honda Accord Hybrid Sport L to buy. I am getting $MSRP and no add ons. Is this the best I can do? The lease is tempting, but I am getting the 2.9% Honda financing. Any thoughts as to getting a better deal? I am in Houston but looking at any part of TX. If I can get $1000.00 off… no add ons…I am game. Thank you in advance and to let you know how I got to being carless… I sold my 2022 Tesla P3 for over what I paid last fall and have been stubborn over paying list! I know… the life I chose.

What model are you referring to?

whoops. Thanks on that. I made the correction.
Honda accord hybrid sport L.

A few months ago, I think @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto had offered an Accord Hybrid slightly below MSRP. I do not know if Accord Hybrid sales have improved since then?