Deal Check: 2023 Grand Cherokee (2 offers)

I’m in the Columbus Ohio region

Looking at leasing a 4xe GC or GC limited

39months /10k miles

GC Limited 4x4

MSRP: $55,205
Sales Price: $51,306 (~7% off)
Included in that is $1k Black Friday money
OTD 3k for taxes. Ohio has dumb tax on leases. (Ik don’t put money down)
Monthly payment: $595/month
MF: 0.00184
Residual: 60%

GC Trailhawk 4xe
MSRP: ~$70k
Selling: ~$66k (5% off)
8500 in rebates (1k Black Friday, 7500 EV)

I can’t get all the exacts numbers. with the 4xe being new also, I left my paper in the Jeep for this one with all my notes :joy:

$590 a month, but with $3500 OTD…

Love the 4xe tbh.

I probably could order a 4xe from a broker I know… but this is in my town, and it’s on the lot NOW.


Now always equals money loss

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This is pretty close to what brokers are offering. But you need comparison to what bank they using. Looking for a truck and the credit unions in NY offering some high residuals with comparable mf where less discount still brings payments less than a broker when accounting shipping, broker fee, doc fee, etc

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How are you getting the 1K Black Friday rebate for the 4XE? the jeep dealers i am talking to in CA say that its not for 4XE ;-( They also laugh at me when I ask to go below MSRP. They think marking it up 10K over MSRP then applying the 7500 EV rebate is generous. I need to move to a different state.

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It was very easy, to be honest. I just told them straight up that I need the 7500 EV & 1k black Friday rebate. And then asked for a discount and got them to go about 500$ above invoice

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