Deal Check - 2023 EQS Loaner

EQS 450 4Matic SUV, exec loaner, just over 3k miles.

MSRP 118,695.
Sale price 99,995/15.75%
Incentives 17,500
0.00152 MF with 10 MSD’s.
7500 miles / 36 months
Residual 54%.
0 down.
Base payment 797
Payment with tax 849
Up fronts with 10MSD’s 10787.93

I spent the weekend in SLC having the wife test drive every higher end EV and she likes the EQ’s best, more space/range is better. Found this loaner but can’t seem to get dealers to go more than 15-16% off, there’s some EQE’s that I’ve found for around the same discount. Are the dealers just not going to budge on what’s left of their 2023’s? I’m ok waiting it out, but seems some on here don’t think it’s even worth the effort any longer on these. Just want to get my wife something nice for our anniversary at the end of the month if possible. Would love any input/advice from the crowd, still trying to find my feet in the game. Thx!!

I know HN has new units at 16%, so you need to push for more discount. At least 20% or more.

Do you qualify for fleet? (AMEX, Sam’s Club, Penfed) If so, incentives should be 18,500.

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You’ll also get much better monthly for the 24 month period

20%+ is my target, won’t sign for less than that. But how do you push/nudge a GSM? Or is it pointless to try, just move on?

And does the 11k Amex apply to all EQS trims? One dealer said it’s good for the 580’s, but I just generated the cert and it just says “Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan & SUV”.

That’s my intent, just haven’t gone back to this dealer yet.

Use the calc and put together YOUR target payment for the term you want and tell GM you will sign today if they can match. Leave some room for nego.

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As per website yes it’s for all EQS and EQS SUV:

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Create a target deal on the leasehackr calculator, and then put it on a spreadsheet because thy shall NOT mention lease hacker. You may get many no’s, but a yes will come eventually. It’s also not the end of the month. There are a few threads about emails on this forum that have been very helpful for sentence starters

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That’s how I’m reading it too, thx!

did you check with the dealer tho?

Autonation dealer told me it’s good for 450+ and 580 but not for 450.

Yeah the dealer who quoted me this deal said 580’s only, but I think he wants to move 580’s so he’s trying to apply it selectively b/c I can’t find anything in the cert or online that says it’s only certain trims.

Does that Autonation dealer have 450+ and 580 they want to move? Seems dealers just make up how to apply incentives based on what they want to sell most, but who knows.

I’m casting my net wider now looking for a 3-row, my wife really wants that and doesn’t mind waiting for the right config/deal.

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As a point of reference, I leased same in Chicago in March.
116k MSRP, 24/10, no MSD, amex+7500, ~700/mo w/ 1st due.
Not the best deal like some others, but perhaps you can arrange shipping if cast a wider net or just enjoy a long road trip, car is great on the highway!

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sadly i believe the fleet incentives for eqs450 is gone. only 450+ and 580 now.