Deal Check - 2023 BMW 530I Sedan

Can you please advise if this deal looks OK or any other advise ? This is in nor cal Bay Area.

Looks like about an invoice deal. You have loyalty?

Yes .Loyalty is added.

seems Rate is marked up but not sure what else I need to look and negotiate the offer

What credit tier? Seems odd they’d only mark up 10 basis points. (Looking at this you are doing 4x MSD for a 20 basis point reduction)

tier1 credit and yes I asked them to add MSD to lower the rate.but I am not sure where and how you check the basis point reduction.appreciate your guidance.

Based on the payment plus tax, I deduced you had 4 security deposits. Each one drops the rate by 5 basis points.

Have they already pulled credit? If not, they might be assuming you’ll pop Standard or are applying as International Executive (+10 bps over Elite/Super Elite)

Is the 8400 cash 3400 in MSDs plus 5K down?

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Looks like they’re also scooping the $1,500 lease cash incentive after pulling CA programs. OP, press for this to be added and I think you have a fair deal.

Thats correct

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Thanks for this update. :pray:

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$900+ to lease a not-very-well-equipped 4-cylinder car?

This is insane.


Welcome to the Bay Area where sanity isn’t a requirement.


Have you considered working with one of the brokers in the Marketplace?

just started sending the mails /texts. fingers crossed and also seems lease equity is not entertained much

I wouldn’t put this much cash down. Just pay all the fees upfront and use the rest towards MSDs.

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If say at least reduce the money down by the rebate OP is gonna scoop back from the dealer.

I have the feeling that the rebate is included unless OP also has loyalty. Probably offset by all the addons. In the lower right of the quote says 1500 rebate and total payment of 9,900. OP should include a calculator.

They stack but they are not dependent on one another.

1500 as lease cash, 1500 as loyalty/fleet money.

They added only loyalty cash as 1500