Deal Check: 2023 Audi S4 Premium Plus $2500 DAS $550 incl Tax max MSD

Currently working on a deal, still going back and forth. This is the lowest I could push them so far. The car has a MSRP of $63400. Honestly, I don’t go with the money factor etc. I am not pro enough but I think based on all I know, this seem to be a good overall value for this car. These are the facts I have:

MSRP $63400
Terms: 36month/10K miles
DAS: $2500
Payment: $550 incl tax
MSD: $6000 (I thought it should be max $5500 based on this payment, but I haven’t pushed back on this yet)
Costco Rebate included
I think they are giving me around $5000 off MSRP

Everything is happening right now through text and phone call, hope to be able to push it down little more when I go there in person. It seems the S4s have great deals going on this month. Other dealerships were giving me similar numbers but none of them went this far down yet.

What do the expert here think? Is there still room to push the numbers down? Is this a good deal?

thank you in advance!

They are right on MSD - they round up to nearest $50 the pre MSD payment

What is the pre-incentive discount? What other rebates are included in the deal?

Don’t know. As mentioned before, I am not a pro with all the numbers. I just go with payment and DAS numbers.

If I were in your shoes, ask the dealer to send you a breakdown of the numbers. If your discount off MSRP is really $5k, but it also includes the $1k Costco rebate, then your pre-incentive sale price is only $59,400. That equates to 6.3% off MSRP. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Confirm the money factor (MF) and residual value (RV) from the Edmunds Forum.
  2. Also confirm if there are any other Audi rebates you qualify for on Edmunds.
  3. With all this info, plug your numbers into the LeaseHackr calculator and share it here.

If you’re like I was, learning how the math works seems daunting. But it’s less complex than it is initially intimidating, and it’s well worth the time if you want to shop on your own.

(Note, this “pro” has leased one car over my entire lifetime, but there will be more in the future, so I’m glad I picked up this life skill with the help of the people here.)


Great car for a great value

There aren’t many of these in the northeast.

I know you want to keep pushing - my only question is- how many more of these are nearby where the dealer is willing to discount it a good bit?

Just make sure you know the answer before pushing too hard if you really want an S4.



I’m bored so I recreated your deal in the calculator. It looks that to be at your quoted monthly/DAS with buy rate MF and only $1000 Costco incentive, in So-Cal, they are giving you around 9% off MSRP.

That’s in line with what few brokers here on east coast are offering now, and is a good deal IMO.

But what others said, you want to be prepared and know what is the good deal is before you reach out to dealers. Learn how to build your deal in the calc and what steps are needed for that:

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If that’s the deal OP is being offered, then it is a no brainer to take it and run.

@Mike2000 - Feel free to confirm the numbers once you have additional info from the dealer.


Yup, for an S model - I’d take it.


You are correct on the MSD’s if the max is 10 ($550x10=$5500).

If the $2500 DAS includes your 1st payment, thats effectively adding another $54/mo to your payment or $604. Without MSD’s just guessing the monthly payment about $640 but didn’t calculate. Regardless, that’s a great deal in my opinion in this market, especially including tax, on a $63K+ vehicle. Basically hits that 1%/below mark. I would grab it.

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