Deal Check: 2023 Audi E-Tron PP+


I’m very on the fence with this, my current lease is coming due in September. Any advice on if I should wait it out for better deals closer to Aug/Sep or should I pull the trigger on the below?

24 month lease, 7.5K miles

2023 Audi E-Tron PP+
MSRP: $83,xxx
Selling Price: $71,xxx (15% Discount)
Incentives: $15,000
Cap Cost: $56,xxx
Monthly Payment: $617 (including tax)
DAS: $4,xxx (Taxes, First Months, Acq, Fees)
Effective Payment: $773
RV = 60%
MF = .00349

My 2019 E-tron Prestige (3k drive off 36 mo 36k mile lease at 550/mo) is coming due and I’ve been trying to get close to my current lease deal, but have seen similar numbers to yours. It’s wild to me that the current incentive structure is still not even close to what I got in 2020 on my 2019. I think they could stand to get even more aggressive on the 2023 e-trons that pre-date the new better Q8 Etron.

If you are getting base MF, numbers don’t look that bad IMO. 15% off MSRP is a strong deal. How does your offer compare to broker deals in the Marketplace?.

I would wait it out, unless Audi offers a 3 months pull ahead program if you are currently in an Audi.


Neither. Waiting with no actual plan has been a terrible strategy for 2+ years now. Order something that you’d be okay with financing if the lease programs are not favorable at time of delivery.

I saw $15k rebate from this post as well: Bad lease deal on 2023 Q4 etron. Lesson learned - #70 by noobleasr

So 15k rebate should be real.

OP, if you decide not to pursue, please hook me up with the dealer :slight_smile:

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I ended up signing!

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Congrats, enjoy!