Deal check : 2023 Acura RDX

CA Bay Area
2023 Acura RDX
Msrp 50895
Residual 61(which i think is incorrect… should be 62 for 7500miles)

Dear community. Please check this deal for me. Is it ballpark of an ok deal or is it outrageous and I should just stay away?

It is nearly pointless for anyone to “review” this offer, as we know nothing about the trade. When a trade is thrown into the mix, more times than not the numbers are not where they should be.

-establish what your trade vehicle is actually worth

-research & calculate the deal you are willing to sign on

THEN you can think about contacting a dealer and signing papers.

Run away and then follow the steps above.

To value your trade:


Trade is a 2019 Acura RDX Shawd with 18k miles. I didn’t want to draw attention to the used car’s appraisal. Carmax is quoting 30k for it. So i know it’s low… but anyway…let’s just accept this dealer’s 26k quote for this evaluation. I’m more interested in knowing how are the other numbers on there…

I feel you’ve completely missed the point. If you don’t care about your trade value, why do you care about the deal at all? The deal is horrendous, even disregarding the included trade.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Dealer can pretend to give you a big discount and low ball on your trade, so there’s no way to separate the two. But in this case, it looks like you’re not getting a good discount either.


Buying out your 2019 will be LESS than leasing a 2023 which is more or less the same vehicle.


Also only 18k miles? And it’s an Acura, not the most problem ridden car out there. I don’t know why wouldn’t just buy it out, save the headache and move forward.

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yep…sounds like the only financially sane way rn. Also looked at Kia and Toyota today… 8-10K markups there AND you gotta wait for 2 months to 2 yrs! Hmm… I’ll just go back to my hole now and stay there. Thx all.

I sell most Toyota models for MSRP or under in your region (excluding Rav4 Hybrid, Sienna, Sequoia, and the new Prius).

Does that mean including the A91 supra?

Supra manual is over MSRP also

Even in this market that’s a whole lot of money for a very mediocre and dated car, that in 3 years will seem ancient. Seems like you could get an X3 for similar money or maybe look at a loaded CX-50.

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