Deal check: 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec with Tech

Hello all,

I’m trying to get feedback if this is a good deal, or if you would know deals ongoing that could further reduce the payment.

MSRP: $38,095
Discount: 750
Rebate: 500
Adjusted Price: 36,845
Taxable Fees: 595
Doc Fee: 795
Tax: 1,586.75
Non-Tax Fees: 197.59
Balance: 40,019.34

Cash down: $0
36mos/10K miles = $563 / month

I realize that this car is slightly improved (comfort options) Civic Si, but there are hardly any to find in the DC metro area.

I appreciate your thoughts on this deal, or if I should consider other cars. Thanks!

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What do you see from broker deals in the northeast? May need to go up to tristate area.

~$20,000 to lease a slightly nicer Si is a hard pass.


See the comments from others. Leasing generally doesn’t work to well unless at least one of the following are true:

  1. Massive rebates on a lease
  2. Unusually high residual
  3. Super low MF

In this case, none of those things are on the table and you’re getting a pretty pathetic discount on a car that hasn’t been selling that well.

I’d suggest reversing your thinking, instead of deciding to buy an Integra and then realize it doesn’t lease well, go to the Marketplace and Share Deals section and see what people are leasing. Your $563 payment on a $38k car is pretty awful, you’ll see people leasing $50k-60k Jeeps for less money, $50k BMWs, etc. On a lease you don’t care about long-term resale or reliability, you’re going to drive it for 36months and give them back the keys.

Not a good deal. In general, Acura has not been playing ball with their cars it seems. My local Acura dealer has 40 Integras and 51 TLX’s on the lot, and still won’t play ball with discounts. Leasing an Acura right now only works if you qualify for their loyalty incentives this month, which I believe add up to 1,750.

These cars need lease support and/or larger discounts.

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Thanks folks! Glad I checked on here. I’ll pass on the offer.

Looks like the Marketplace has some great options. I’ll go that route.

If they offer solid financing below 5.99% and the residual on the car is good in the high 50s or low 60s it might make sense to finance it. Your monthly will be higher, but your TCO will probably be $100 per mo less if you sell it in 3 to 5 years.

FYI Honda Accords currently lease at about the same price. Most leases ain’t what they used to be.

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Have you actually driven? Engine is a dog…

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Yea, I drove the manual. I am coming from a Subaru Forester with CVT, so the Integra felt must more responsive lol. Any suggestions on which other car has a better engine that I should consider?

The Integra’s engine is fine for what it is. 200 horsepower on a pretty light car. It’s meant to be an efficient daily driver, and it is (38 MPG highway).

As far as your question goes, there’s a whole lot of cars that have “better engines” if you’re talking about acceleration/power. Depends on your budget and personal needs.

If it was so amazing, dealers wouldn’t be sitting with them on their lots.

Hoping for a lease deal once enough inventory builds up. Would put up with the smallish engine for $200-250/mo

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I just say because I was looking for a fun manual play car with some decent pep…ended up with a GTI SE after driving a few including Si…base GTI S is pretty inexpensive around 30K…you get 240+ HP and 270+ torque…it is a fun car!

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I have no idea what planet you’re living on, but if you can get a $35k car for $200/mo, please allow me to visit.

There’s nothing wrong with the Integra inherently. It’s a perfectly fine car, if a bit overpriced. They are sitting on lots because the economy is slowing quite a bit, and there’s very little lease support for any Acura vehicle right now.

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There aren’t many choices if you are 100% set on leasing. What’s your budget if you financed?

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Are financing rates coming down some? I’m open to financing for a payment below $600/month.