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Team LH: We weren’t allowed to take a photo of the offer so I tried my best to put down what I remember. Somehow the numbers don’t quite add up in the calculator but I’m putting them down here. Any reactions to this? This dealership has 42 2021 X5s in stock.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
BMW X5 SDrive 40i with M Sport and 22” wheels and parking assist
MSRP: $70k
Selling Price: $65k (they told us they are discounting by $5k)
Monthly Payment: $960 (after tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $4180 (this is zero cap cost reduction so I’m still confused as to why it’s so high)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k/year
MF: 0.0093
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $1000 loyalty + $500 lease credit
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: Calculator doesn’t show these numbers
Leasehackr Calculator Link: See above

Depending on how short your dealer is, the discount sounds fair . (Strange times we live in, huh)

I would be a bit more assertive about getting a copy of the offer to decipher the deal.

Did you check the RV with edmunds and also they might be jacking up the MF

Yes I double checked the MF and RV

Can we expect things to get better or worse in the next year?

I asked a few times and salesperson said no, wanted to be respectful here.

Alternative is buying out our ‘18 530i with 25k miles for $35,233 which is about 5-6 grand over market.

They’ve been real buggy about their menu getting out lately.

Feel free to send me the STK/Dealer and I’ll run a quick scenario on it to see what you should be paying.

770/mo including 9.5 tax with 2.5k out of pocket is best I got on a base X5 sDrive, but It’s slightly out of my budget so I passed on it yesterday. I guess if your willing to pay more for the additional goodies it’s cool, If not I can’t give you contact info to get base and save some moola.

The outputs you give 4180 das, 960 a month do not reflect a 5k discount at base MF.

It’s more like a 4.5% discount at fully marked up MF- effectively either through add ons or by giving you a sales price with incentives baked in.

You can probably do thousands better- a 7% discount at base MF is at least a 100 a month better with same DAS.

Post a calculator with all the known variables and we can get a better idea.

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Their discount is inclusive of rebate and rate is marked up.

Not cool. We were low-balled on the phone and switched at the dealership. If you plug in the invoice price minus holdback and calculate with the correct MF and no cap reduction, whats they payment after CA (LA) tax and DAS? Many thanks IAC!

Back of invoice is variable based on whether the dealer made certain metrics, but generally you can count on at least 3% back of invoice to be available to use…

Knowing that it’s a Sonic store though, I feel like if you can get them to stick to the spoken $5,000 discount pre incentive and buy rate you’ll be doing better than most in this market.

Huge thank you my friend

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