Deal Check: 2021 X5


Looking for some input into the deal

2021 BMW X5
MSRP: $74,100
Discount off MSRP: 10%
Base MF: 0.00082

Catch is dealer is saying that they are using the same money factor and terms but their system is calculating a payment that is $20 higher? Any advice?

Also, are MSDs rounded up to the next 50 or the next 100?

Also is Residual calculated on MSRP or on sales price of the car?

What is their DAS amount?

They say that fees and taxes which come out to $4993.51
MSD $5600
Payment would be $756.10

Basically, how do I check their math. The entries in the cal seem accurate.
Not sure if sending them the LH calc would be appropriate. LOL

send us what they sent you. residual is calculated off of MSRP

This question was answered for you but you really need to read the explainer articles on this website to get a better grasp of the basics.

Otherwise you leave yourself open to being taken advantage of at the dealership


Finally, figured it out. I was just reading the things incorrectly.

Anyways, this is where we ended up, shall I pull the trigger or can I squeeze some more end of month discount? I do not quality for loyalty, only the $500 + corporate. Currently own a competitor’s car but x5 does not have conquest right now

Good deal, I wouldn’t bother waiting.

This will never work out in your favor


@mllcb42 yep, was not going to do that