Deal Check: 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SEL R Line 4Motion

I recently approached a sales manager with an email proposing a lease on a VW Atlas SEL R-Line 4Motion in PA. Using the incentives, MF and RV I got from edmunds and avg dealer discounts that I got on truecar I proposed $493/mo for a 36mo. 10,000mi/yr lease.

The sales manager responded with the following:

My thought is to aim to get him to go another 5% off the MSRP. What do you hackr’s think?

Doesn’t really make sense to look at discounts that have purchase incentives embedded in them.

Why are the untaxed rebate values different?

Forget what you’ve found on truecar. They tend to conflate deals with incentives sometimes separated out, etc.

What did you find for a pre-incentive target based on your research here in the shared deals and market place listings?

Why do your calculators have different incentives, different fees, etc.

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Because half the inputs are incorrect for PA, including doc, DMV and tax.

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