Deal Check- 2021 Toyota Highlander XLE

Invoice is 40, so you got an slightly below Invoice Deal.

But $411? something there is saying ‘wrong’.

is there something wrong with ally or usbank leases? I’ve only primarily dealt with Chrysler capital.

I visited a couple other dealers. One wanted $480 a month at 39months/10k, the other at $416 for 36/10k,both with start-ups. So should it be less then $400? I still haven’t been too hardball on price since I have some time. I wonder if my MF is off or something, as I ripped it right from Edmunds.

The MF and RV are different, hence a lease that should be about $350 using Toyota is coming out at $411

That MF is like 6.33% so I suspect there is some ‘addons’ in there somewhere.

Ask your dealer to try it with Toyota credit and see what you get (if they don’t try to pull a fast one on you)

It has to do with the Sales Price, you got a nice Sales Price at Invoice…so why is this 411? Something is fishy

Is Michigan one of the states that taxes the whole car like Texas?

When I asked, they told me it was closer to $500 with Toyota. I have tier 1+ credit, so I don’t think it has anything to do with that. That price does include a new plate which is ~$300 more than transferring one. Ill ask the salesman though just to see.

From what I looked up, Michigan does not require the entire sales tax like Texas.

This is what the dealer sent me initially. Maybe this will help.

They didn’t send you the whole thing, that’s why I’m thinking something fishy.
2411.40 / 6% = 40190, sales tax on a LEASE?
411 * 36 = 14796 + 30890 = 45686
So roughly 2000$ in extra fees. Something is really wrong.

Is this hybrid or conventional powertrain?


Isn’t there more inventory on those than hybrid?

I think the recent benchmark for % off was set last month in Mass. on a XLE hybrid. search for that thread. You should aim for equal or better discount on a conventional

In my area, everything is conventional. I see that $350 a month, but a few other threads more recent seem to price it around $430 with money down. Considering $411 includes everything with true 0 down, it seems like a good deal. I just got off the phone with a dealer in Ohio that gave me a price of $388 with 1800 down.

I wonder if the midwest market is just fucked. I get a lot of incentives through Chrysler including employee discounts. For the past 5 years, I’ve leased 2 jeep cherokee limiteds,a 2016 and 2019 with 0 down, the first one 20k/24 months and second one 30k/39 months, both for roughly $250 a month. I’ve been looking for the past two months, and I’ve been quoted $330-360 for a 2021 Cherokee Limited @30k/36 months, which is why I’m looking at something I actually want to drive for a change.

I do apologize though for keep emphasizing about “true” sign and drive. Every lease I shopped for with Chrysler, 0 down means you still pay for taxes, doc,1st month, etc. I had to ask the salesman 5x to make sure it was true. Here’s what it says just to make sure we are on the same page.

Stop looking at the monthly payment on someone else’s deal. That’s an output of the discount they achieved.

All else being equal, your monthly should be lower than that Mass deal because your RV is higher.

Gotcha, sorry I misread your previous comment. I thought you were talking monthly payment, now I see you mean discount %.

did you see this?

When you factor in shipping or travel his deal is fine! Thanks though! If you can’t get your dealer down much more you’re not far off! Id sign it unless you really really want a hacker deal and have the time to play dealers off each other to get it.

Aren’t we in lease hackr :slight_smile: ?

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Depends what your time is worth. No guarantees anyone close beats that deal.


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