Deal check: 2021 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD Hybrid MSRP $50,377 $1150 out of pocket $399.11

Hello Hackers !

First, I wanted to thank the LEASEHACKR community for everything I learned from you guys.

Our growing family is in need of a bigger vehicle, and I would appreciate some input on the deal I came across.
I was keeping my eye on 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE AWD for a few months, and almost pulled a trigger on one last month. ( Now I thanking myself for not doing it )

Yesterday I came across of the deal below, and immediately changed my mind of leasing a Hybrid version ( stronger residual, lower MF)

2021 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD Hybrid
0070/10 Blizzard pearl with Ash Interior
-Special color
-12.3 inch Nav screen
-All weather matts
-Door egde guards
-Rear bumper applique

Region: IL ( Chicagoland area )

MSRP: $50,377
Selling price: $44,900
Factory Rebates: $899.11 ( complimentary first payment + $500 cash back)
RV: 65% (12k/year)
Original MF: .00108
MF after 9 MSD: .00034
Taxes: $1438 (DuPage country 7.25%)
DMV fees: $200
Doc. fee: $303.60
Trade in: breaking even on my previous lease 2020 Toyota Camry XSE 4 cyl with 13,400 miles ( dealer agreed to pay the payoff amount ($26,414)

MONTHLY: $399.11

As an extra I also asked for a GAP which will cost me about $150 ( I’m getting a credit of $154 from a previous GAP coverage )

Initially I was shooting for 12% off MSRP before any rebates, and agreed to 10.9% OFF which considering this month Toyota’s complimentary 1st payment and $500 rebate seems to be reasonable ( 12.7% OFF inclusive of all rebates )

We ended up to agree for $1150 out of my pocket to put me right under $400month + $3600 for MSD.

Vehicle that we worked a deal on is an Inbound vehicle and is scheduled to be delivered between March 8th and March 14th.

Looking for your thoughts on this deal.!


Thank you all !


Sounds like you’ve done your HW. The XLE trim will come in with a lower total lease cost due to higher RV… if you were ok with the idea of the equipment levels in the XSE you could look at the XLE.

Always worth checking the usual suspects (vroom etc) to see if you have any equity

I did some math on the XLE Hybrid as well, and honestly for around $50 less I’m getting so much less equipment…

One thing that I loved about the XSE was more aggressive look, so replacing it with some more features of Limited makes it even for me.

As far as my trade in ( Vroom and carvana were about $1000-1800 less than my payoff)

Mind sharing the dealer you worked with?

Seems like a great deal. Take it and run

Try to negotiate more, see if carvana or vroom especially will offer more. Other than that you’re doing great!


Either after he signs or pass on the deal :grinning: Good luck guys!

Great deal. $400 for awd hybrid limited is very nice

Don’t post the same question in multiple threads

Thanks! I removed my reply.

Mind sharing dealer info? I’m in Chicagoland area dupage and looking for something similar.

which dealership is this?

Not trying to be rude but asking a dealer to repeat a great deal from 3 months ago is like asking your now married with kids high school girlfriend if she would consider a quickie.

You are better off asking all the Toyota dealers in your area if they can discount the car 11% before incentives and someone might play ball toward the end of the month. It is very much a seller’s market though, so duplicating OP’s deal from February is going to be very difficult. Good luck hunting…


Not sure they are trying to replicate this deal, they probably want to save time on calling 15 dealers trying to find out which dealers in the area provides reasonable deals. So if anybody knows any good Toyota dealers in the Chicago area, please PM me. Until then I will start searching.

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Id like to know your dealer! I love that deal!!! Id take it today!