Deal Check: 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Premium $275/mo $1500 down

Attaching an image of the lease agreement. Location is Georgia.

Have you contacted Subaru of America to see if they can offer you any loyalty coupons?

Are they using buy rate MF (which you should confirm on the Edmunds forum)?

Have you contacted Carvana, Vroom, etc. regarding your trade to see if the dealership is offering you a fair deal on the trade?

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Second @jamiemose comments…I’m guessing you can sell that cross trek if it’s a premium for at least 2k more to vroom.

As stated you need MF and RV and i would also push for 10%. If you can get a loyalty coupon even better.

Never combine transactions unless to absorb the tax hit we take here in NYS.

I haven’t done a trade in GA since July, but it is my understanding that there are two options, and most now elect to tax based on total lease cost.

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Are you open to other makes and models?

Shop the trade in

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Yes I am open to other makes and models