Deal check: 2021 s60r loaner

Hello trying to see if this is a good deal I’m located in Florida 2k drive off bringing over 2k in negative equity.

Looks bad. What is the MF/RV they gave you? Incentives?

I would expect you to be able to do much better than $650/mo on a new one, much less a loaner

Waiting for them to send more info to me.
So what’s a good deal with 2k negative equity and 2k down

Never rely on the dealer to give you the information to figure out what a good deal should be. You want to have the answer to that question before you ever talk to a dealer.

Gather the rv/mf/incentive information from Edmunds and do some research here on comparable pre-incentive discounts and start to work out what a deal should look like.

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Mf 0.00033 residual 54%

Ok thank you

4500 lease bonus incentive

Have you shopped the mystery trade in?(I say mystery because no details about it are included) :mage::crystal_ball:

Yes and they are offering me the best price on trade

Thanks for all the details :man_facepalming: They are probably offering the best trade value because they are over allowing and not discounting the Volvo as much.

mystery trade, still a mystery

2017 Alfa Romeo gulia ti sport white.19” wheel
Q2 performance brown int 17k miles

Payoff, and is this a lease or purchase? And if it’s a lease how many payments left and much are they?

Purchase 26980 payoff

It’s a t5 polestar by the way

It’s a t5 r design, with the polestar chip added. This is different from the “polestar” s60 variant which is a t8 r design with a bunch of other upgrade/goodies.

The polestar chip can be added to any of the models and changes the engine characteristics a bit, but is just an optional add on.

15% off before incentives, $240 mileage penalty, 6 MSDs, $2k negative in, $0 down