DEAL CHECK: 2021 Mini Cooper Countryman S ALL 4 We go back to dealer tonight 10-8-2020


Hello Hackers! Hoping for some input before we go back to dealer tonight.
So they gave this offer with “$3000” Down, looks like out of that $3000 they took $626 for fee’s doc, title, etc. and then the first month payment $335.06 It seems like an ok/good deal. However, my counteroffer was going to be the missing incentive. I’m showing $1000.00 customer cash from mini on this car per Mini USA website so I’m going to ask that we reduce “down payment” by 1000.00 and apply the customer cash of $1000.00 Does that seem like a good way to make this deal a little better? Any ideas, feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have a picture of the deal write up as well. It won’t let me post it b/c I am a new user but I uploaded to google drive and made a shareable link. Please review this deal, thank you!
Google drive picture of lease write up from dealer

2021 Mini Cooper Countryman S ALL 4
MSRP: $39,085
Selling Price: $33,695
Monthly Payment: $335.06
Drive-Off Amount: $3000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00090
Residual: $23,451
Incentives: $0
Region: IL
Leasehackr Score: 8.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:CALCULATOR 8.4 FIRST OFFER

Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with edmunds? You’re likely to find that they’re already rolling that customer cash into the sales price.

Rather than put $3k DAS, you’d be better off doing MSDs.

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Looks like effective $395 / month with 7 MSDs and 0 DAS. Pretty good for a $39xxx car in this market that doesn’t have a ton of incentives!
On that note, who knew Minis were this pricey,…?!?


Depending where I think that they do, They follow BMW standards.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, have to admit I need to look into the MSD’s to make sure I understand how those work before I request them. The car is for my girlfriend and we are also trying to keep the monthly payment under 350. How can i verify if they did roll the incentive into the offer? On the lease sheet it showed -2850 “dealer profit”

She doesn’t mind putting some money down in order to get “her dream car” she’s been driving an 05 impala for free her whole life and I’m going to sell it private party to recoup anything we put down.
Trying to balance what she wants(monthly payment on a 40,000 Mini versus logically what is a decent deal. hard balancing act lol!

Do they not? I was under the impression they did as its basically BMWFS but I definitely could be wrong.

Also I verified the MF/RV and incentives today with Edmunds:
.00090 and 60%
$1000 incentive

Try your “hey, this number looks good but don’t forget to add in the $1000 incentive” but don’t be surprised when they come back and say “it’s already in the sales price”.

If you got them to take $1000 more off, and you put down MSDs (which you will get back in full), you’re very close to $350. Good Luck!

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Don’t judge a deal based on the car’s MSRP if that’s what you’re doing.

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What other metric should I/we be using?
His deal looks good because of the discount he negotiated off the MSRP as well as pretty good MF and RV numbers.

That’s the only metric that matters in determining if it’s a good deal.

Only way to determine if it’s a good value is to compare what you can get for the same price in other vehicles.

MSRP is irrelevant.

Still learning here …
In the end, only one thing matters - the monthly payment, right? So what do you compare the monthly payment to that the LH calculator spits out? I had assumed that is the time to compare it to MSRP, but apparently not. What makes you excited about a calculator number vs one where you go - Meh.


Cost matters sure, but the car itself matters too.

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No, total lease cost is the only financial metric that matters. Monthly can be easily manipulated to be whatever you want it to be.

From there, it’s about comparing vehicles at similar total lease costs to evaluate what you’re getting for your dollar. There is no magic correlation between MSRP and total lease cost that tells you if something is a good value (or deal) or not.


Hi Everyone, Update here, I asked about the 1000.00 incentive and as you guessed they said it was already in the mark down (2850 under dealer invoice cost)

I asked about MSD’s and our sales consultant checked with the manager and is telling me on the “on the Mini side they no longer do MSD’s” How could i verify that? and how much would you push for them if you were me ?

You guys have been a wealth of knowledge and I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Good news, after a bunch of back and forth, a call to mini USA financial, the manager at the dealer calling their Mini DCC (Funding dept?) they figured out how to do the MSD’s.
Well there you have it folks MSD’s still exist for Mini in Illinois… For now!

Thanks again everyone for your help. I hope this thread can be useful to someone else, I’ll post the signed deal when we are all done there tonight.


Good luck!

Just to circle back

This varies based on who you get in the funding dept it seems

My dealer called a rep today who said no MSDs for mini