Deal Check: 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300

Yes, selling price includes the $1250 incentive

How much is the MF marked up over buy rate?

So your pre-incentive selling price is actually $42,489.42. That equates to a discount off MSRP of 11.2%, if my math is correct.

As others have stated, confirm the MF on the Edmunds Forum.

Thanks. I also got the preferred employer program, but the email that I got stated that I need to go to a dealer to access my personal discount. One dealer said that I’d get an extra $500 off for fleet.

Your dealer has also marked up acquisition fee: base is $795. Given that the dealer included $1750 (lease + fleet) in the selling price, there can be room to push for more discount. I’d suggest compare your deal with the market place offers for your area.

Not sure, will need to ask if dealer can give me the buy rate. But they may not disclose, correct?

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The dealer doesn’t need to disclose; you can get the buy rate MF from Edmunds.

You should always independently verify rv/mf/incentives

You’re going about this all wrong.

As mentioned you need to independently verify the MF and incentives by asking over in the Edmunds forums.

Then build your target deal in the LH calculator. Asking the dealer for buy rate MF is meaningless if you don’t have a baseline and understand how much $$ the MF markup is affecting it.

Then, once you’re armed with a target deal you know is aggressive but doable, you don’t “ask if the dealer can give you buy rate”, you tell the dealer that you will be in to sign today if they can get to $X payment with $Y DAS.


:point_up::point_up:What they said.

I closed a deal on a 2021 Audi A6 earlier this month. I had a target pre-incentive discount (best case scenario), based on research and current market conditions. I wanted to be at 10% off, but dealer countered with 9%. We settled on 9.5% with a slight markup in MF, resulting in an effective discount of 9% (assuming buy rate MF). I was happy and dealer was happy.

Know your numbers.

i was recently on the market for a GLC but didnt get very far since the incentives this month blow, and dealers aren’t discounting them enough considering the 2022 GLC is rumored to be restyled and the 2021 model will soon be dated.

the best deal i found for a 2021 was 480 a month including 7% state tax, with 2000 DAS (first mo payment + fees). the MSRP of the car was higher than yours at around 49 or 50k. needless to say i felt that even that was too much, and def would not pay an effective 603 a month like @mllcb42 mentioned for a car with such low MSRP.

ended up leasing a heavily discounted E Class with a much much higher MSRP and a lower monthly payment. if youre not set on a GLC, 2020 E Classes are leasing decently provided you find one with a good discount and can find a dealer willing to offer you buy rate MF.

Is the 2022 really going to be restyled like the new C-class? I think MB has already announced the 2022 GLC 63S, and it looks to be based on the old design. It seems more likely that 2023 is when GLC will be refreshed.

Thanks all for the feedback. Asked for these data points in Edmunds and received
MF: .00099
RV: 56%
$500 dealer cash incentive
By reducing the money factor to .00099 it seems to bring my monthly payment down to $538/month. I still think this is high… would like monthly payment to be closer to $490/month. Would asking for 17% off MSRP be too aggressive?
Attaching dealer worksheet here as well.

When you have researched recent comp deals in the shareddeals and marketplace listings here, have you found many deals that would support 17% off?

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Haven’t seen too many deals posted. Found one for the NorCal & SoCal region with lower MSRP and higher drive off.

Which is fine, because you’re comparing pre-incentive discount, not monthly/das.

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Hard to tell what discounts they were able to get without all the data points, but trying to back into numbers and maybe they got 14% off MSRP

Maybe last month 14% was possible at end of month type of deal, but tough really. Brokers where at 12-13% but you need to account for their fee.
Last month I did price a lower msrp glc and best was 490 a month with 10 msd and first due + broker fee.

17% might have been possible in the past on a random loaner but today on a brand new GLC the dealer will most likely tell you to go pound sand. I don’t think you need near that much discount though.

Looking at the LH calculator, if I adjust to 12% discount, base MF, I get in the $480’s with $2k DAS.

So if you like the truck and are comfortable with $490, it might be a stretch but you’re at least in the ballpark and can make an informed counter offer.

Tell the dealer you will be in to sign today if they can get to $490/mo with $1k cash DAS from you plus your $1192 trade equity.

When you talk to the dealer, don’t mention the money factor or discount percentages or anything else that could take you into the weeds, just keep it simple with the payment and DAS you’ll sign at and let them figure out how to make the numbers work.

Thanks! I may try this next week/closer to month end and see what they say.

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