Deal Check: 2021 Mercedes Benz A35 AMG

Hi everyone, I am new on the forum and want to get a deal check on the following 2021 Mercedes Benz A35 AMG
MSRP: 51120
Sales Price: 46200
Residual: 57%
MF: 0.00113
MSDs: 10 ($5500)
Down: 3,000
Drive off: 4,784
Monthly: 444

First I just wanted to say, they would not let me do a zero down and I thought it was not a great deal overall so I walked out. The calculator score is under 8 for max MSD.
But I’m not sure what everyone thinks about this.

Also, they would not let me keep the pricing sheet which was weird to me.
Looking forward to everyone’s response :smiley:

They didn’t let you do no down? If you did no down the payments will be higher tho

Some dealers know that others in their area will match any deal if you have a quote in hand. No quote usually means they won’t match it.

From limited experience, this is a tag line given by a lot of Lexus dealers who sent me back offers for an LS with a 2.0% discount but will “match any deal with a quote, no matter the discount.”

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Yeah, but it was less than 10% off MSRP and they won’t let me do zero down. I wanted to shop for a 2020 model but they didn’t have any of those in stock.

I don’t there’s many A35 AMG deals here. It’s probably not horrible?

Couldn’t you get a 340i for that much? A diff car, of course, but also a performance car (of sorts).

Did they run your credit and tell you this?

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I have 800+ credit and I told them not to run it yet, but its based on top level credit they said.