Deal Check! 2021 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo Sedan (NJ)

Then you move on to another dealer.

How many weeks now have you and I been having this discussion where you insist your back and forth process is better and doesn’t waste time and you still find yourself empty handed?


It’s a welcome respite from his reminding every Honda lease seeker how he negotiated, err, lucked into a good deal (only because the programs were great back then).

Yeah I just tried the direct-offer approach with one dealership and the guy told me it wasn’t possible at all, saying I was asking for a price point that doesn’t exist on this car at this trim at this time.

I tried other dealers and am waiting to hear back but am anticipating similar responses. It’s possible my asking for $400/mo with $0 down and $0 drive-off is too much. Especially in this current car market.

My issue is also I don’t have that many options since I am trying to get the Turbo Premium Plus in a specific color (white). Inventory-wise and price-wise, I am pretty locked in without much budging room. Funny because I keep having random Mazda dealerships contact me (probably cuz I put in a TrueCar estimate) and these dealerships don’t even have the exact trim I want on their lots.

It certainly isn’t a guarantee that they’ll accept it (after all, if you’re trying to get a good deal, you’re trying to get to a point that most dealers won’t do), but you’ve got your answer and can move on to others. If you find no one will do your deal, you can always adjust your target.

What pre-incentive discount are you using for your target offer?

Right, of course. I totally get that. But I also need help knowing if what I’m asking for is truly undoable. Because if so, I’m wasting time and stressing out for no reason. From the Leashackr calculator I’ve found no way to get in the exact $400 or low-$400s without money down or trading my car in. And despite what TrueCar and Edmunds suggest as a selling price for this car ($31,400-$3,700; it fluctuates), no dealership is budging. And I’ve oddly found CarGurus to have a much higher estimate on the current value (which is what most dealers are basing their price off it seems, the mid-$32k range).

What pre-incentive discount are you using for your target offer?

Or asked in a more detailed way, given the current lease programs as they apply to you, what pre-incentive discount is required to get you to $400/mo with $0 das?

There is nothing right now. I tried working the selling price down but that has been a no-go for everyone. There are a list of incentives like military discount, some driving school graduate discount, and a Mazda family discount, but I do not qualify for any of those. I only qualify for the default $930 customer lease support offer right now. So that’s it.

So my only strategy now is to play the direct-offer game: “This is what I want, can we make this happen?” I would also like a zero-penalty for early lease termination but the convo has never even moved to that because wanting $0 down with $0 drive off won’t get me in that low $400 range.

Tustin Mazda just shot down my offer too as I am writing this response.

What do you mean by that?

As we say, you’re shopping the car, not the deal. And a very specific one at that. How many are available nationwide that meets those specs?

There usually is a penalty fee if for some reason, you need to end your lease early. My mom used to lease in the past and she told me yesterday to make sure I negotiate this to be no cost.

This is not part of the lease you can negotiate. The disposition fee is-what-it-is, the early terminal clause is-what-it-is.

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Right. I’ve honestly only kept my search local because it’s naturally more convenient. I have not looked nationwide – I just ran my specs through on CarGurus though and see 45 exact matches throughout the U.S.

I see a match in Durham, NC that is selling at $30,811, which is very low. I have never negotiated with out of state though…mainly because I’m probably gonna have to pay the transportation and state taxes for the car to get over here to CA.

Ok, that’s weird. She said she would negotiate so that the dealer would waive that penalty fee (I heard it can range from $200-$500).

So with all that said, what pre-incentive discount, given the current lease programs, is required to get you to your target price of $400/mo with $0 das?

90 posts in not a single working calculator to determine what’s possible.


This term has been thrown around and I’m not 100% sure what it means. Isn’t this the price percentage drop you are trying to aim for on the dealer’s selling price? Most MSRP is at $33,790 (with dealer selling at $32,860). I have been (and failing) to get to $31,400. So dealers’ is 2.75% and I have been trying to get is 7.07%. Which is ridiculous, I know (but hey, some dealers have a $30k selling price…just not in SoCal). So maybe a middle of 5%?

Well yeah, but this has kinda been my only source of help. I know it’s not a definitive of what I can get, but it’s at least a place where I can see what someone was able to get for a more or less similar car during this chip shortage in this market. I haven’t found any other posts for the exact trim I am looking for elsewhere. I came here from this Reddit thread.

The pre-incentive discount is the dealer discount. It’s separate from any incentives.

So what amount of pre-incentive discount would a dealer have to give you in order to get to $400/mo with $0 das based on the lease programs as they apply to you, typical dealer and gov fees for your area, your tax rate, etc?

So it looks like the dealers aren’t giving anything. Because that 2.75% off MSRP to get to their $32,860 price is just that $930 customer loyalty support. It’s nothing PRE-$930 discount.

You’re not answering the question.