Deal Check: 2021 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo hatchback

Hi Hackers:

So my plan was to check out the new Turbo Mazda 3 (fantastic power delivery with 320 lb-ft of torque through all-wheel drive), and the dealer was willing to wheel & deal. The color I wanted wasn’t there, so I got away putting a refundable deposit, but I think I can do better as well.

MSRP: $32,340
Selling Price: $29,490
Rebates: $750 loyalty
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k

MF: .00006
Residual: 57%

Security Deposit: $0 refundable MSD
Total Due At Signing: 572
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $343

Zip Code: 11211
Sales Tax Rate: 8.875%

Leasehackr Score: 8.4 years

I couldn’t get the calculator to match exactly, I think because I was putting down 1st month and tag fees, but rolling taxes into the payment, and in NY, it requires you to roll everything and do zero DAS (zero DAS, payment would be $362). How do you think I could do better here?

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BTW money factor and RV was confirmed at Edmunds already, the dealer is not marking up the MF

Car is from the future so hard to say.

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You need to enter the actual dealer, gov, acq, etc fees instead of leaving the default values.

Ah ok, I don’t think I have those details, but will try to get them from the sales guy…thank you Max.

As for the broader question of how to lower your total lease cost, hard to say. Can’t recall any Mazda3 turbo deals being dissected here but as always check the Marketplace and Shared Deals subforums.

MSD aren’t an option if the MF is .00006 and Toyota Financial (which runs Mazda’s leasing program now) may not allow them for NY residents even if the car is leased from out of state.

Thanks for that input. I think my best bet is to get other dealers to try and improve upon this price. I did tell the dealer I was working with the interior color wasn’t my preference, so I do have an out there.

This is really solid for this car, IMO. Are there other choices at this price? Sure. But I doubt you’ll get much better on this one.