Deal Check 2021 Maserati

Hi a looking to lease a Maserati Ghibli in NJ. Is this a good deal?

MSRP $98054
selling price $85562
dealer fees and acq fee $1695
taxes $2912 (NJ 6.625%)
MF 0.00038 at 10k/36 months with 46% Residual
DAS $5400

Leasehackr Score: 6.6 years

Monthly Payment $1196

What do you guys think?

You forgot to mention $5400 DAS. Total lease cost is $47k over 36 mos. What’s not to love?

Thanks, will update post

Almost $1400/mo for a ghibli?

I assume it comes with 2 other ghiblis?


Nah. Fiat 500 in the trunk like a lifeboat.

Gotcha… so one ghibli without a 500e and one with?

2.5 ghiblis then?

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