Deal Check: 2021 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Lease 36/10,500

2021 Lincoln Aviator Black Label

MSRP: $83,625
Selling Price: $79,099
MF: .0009416
Residual: 55%
Terms: 36/10,500
Incentives: $0
DAS: $1177.23 (First Months Payment + GOVT Taxes) + $1,280.35 (Excise Tax + Admin Fees for out of state registration)
Monthly: $1,151.79

Purchasing out of state but live in Indiana. Sales Tax of 7% is being rolled into the monthly payments.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you would pay nearly 44,000 for the car on lease. The cars sales price is 79,000. Wouldn’t you be better off buying the car instead ? :thinking:


As much as I like that model especially in that trim I’d never could bring myself paying $1200 for a Lincoln that’s not even full size

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Looks like roughly 5% off (invoice deal), 2.25% interest (assuming you checked that with Edmunds?).

With no incentives and a 55% RV, you’re paying a lot of depreciation. We don’t have a lot of data on signed Lincoln leases, this doesn’t look bad, but before steering you in any other direction I’m curious how attached you are to an Aviator? And how soon do you need it? There are 771 in the US, about 100 between 80-90k, 4 in that range that are new 2020s (maybe a better deal if purchase / no lease support).

Not 100% dead set on an Aviator. Also interested in Volvo XC90. Timeline is next 8-10 weeks. Honestly haven’t considered purchasing until a couple of you mention it. Typically never keep a car more than 3 years and like having everything under warranty. It’s so hard to get a “deal” right now. My local Volvo dealer told me best they could do was give me $500 off a fully loaded 2022 XC90 T6 with Lounge Package, Bowers and Wilkins and Air Suspension vehicle. I said hard pass.

For an XC90: check out Shared Deals and the Marketplace - a lot of examples.

Is there anything in specific you like on the aviator when compared to a xc90? In my opinion everything the aviator has is done better on the xc90

You think the xc90 has a nicer interior than the aviator ?


Uhhh for sure . The xc90 is made much more nicely. Ride is also much better.

If the interior of a lincoln had a mailing address, I would give up my house and live on its dashboard.

That’s funny and I agree, I’d give up your address to live on its dashboard too!

I love the XC90 (and all Volvo) designs, but it’s getting a bit tired. Lincoln has IMO the most attractive interior design from an American brand in years, if not decades. And those multi-contour seats look exceptional. Both are great options, I’d be happy with either.