Deal Check - 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe - Tier 3

So a few things going on here. The price I was given when getting a quote was for a purchase, when I was explicitly asking for lease numbers. The results is.

MSRP: $61445
Purchase: $54,945

Salesman said they price for a lease is more and came in at:
Lease: $56,445.
So right off I’m annoyed because I’ve spent months on this only to get this at the end when my Jeep arrives. It’s the well used dealership in Nampa, ID.

Chrysler Finacial categorized me in Tier 3 credit.
MSRP: 61445
Lease Price: $56,445
mf: .00300
Residual: $36,8000
Payment: 600/month
Tax: 9%

Any thoughts on how I should approach this?

Did you use a Broker recommended on this site?

Chrysler Capital should be passing along the federal rebate to reduce the cap cost. It doesn’t look like the dealer is accounting for this. Go back to them and tell them you’d like to lease the vehicle, not purchase it.

The higher MF is also hurting due to being tier 3 credit.

Edit: Did you negotiate anything off of MSRP? 7500 off appears to be about the current selling price. Try putting it into the lease calculator.

Sorry, should have included this.

I think it’s a combination of MF and the price change from the dealer on a purchase versus a lease. I’m trying to understand why there would be a difference on that,. This is Kent with Peterson in Nampa, ID, not through a broker.

This is going on right now so ask. Looks like you got 8% off which is on par to what we’re getting now . What’s killing you is the tier 3 credit approval

Tier 1- .00172
Tier 2- .00227
Tier 3- .00358

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I believe Chrysler is still doing Tier bumps, no? HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! - #5898 by Dro

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If you’re not desperate for a vehicle at least the flip value is there. Didn’t realize how bad the MF was for tier 3 on these

Didn’t realize how bad the tier 1 MF is for these. Guess they have to make money somewhere.

That purchase price quote is too good to be true. Nobody is doing 11% off MSRP anymore.

If it’s true, I would buy it and get the 7500 rebate on your taxes, if your tax situation allows.

This purchase price quote is from June, the Jeep is delivered at the dealer now so I didn’t have access to lease rates, etc.
I’m waiting on purchase numbers now, given the extra money off and the rebate.

Yeah, my Fico 8 score is 700 so I wasn’t expecting the auto score to be so low from Experian for CCAP. He had it at 624.

Thank you for that, I’ll make sure the finance guy gets it. He gives me numbers but acts like the lease stuff is a black box to some degree.

Well this stuff is internal because it’s not designed to do you any favors. Most likely they are marking up the Tier 2 MF back to Tier 3 and keeping the difference.

You can check your auto fico scores on experian if you don’t already have an account. It’s free

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Vehicle threw a Check Engine light at dealer inspection, 4-6 weeks backordered part for the HVAC battery cooling system.

Not sure what I can do at this point, I did get the tier dropped and the payment to $508. However I’m hesitant to sign and pay for a car that I can’t drive right at the start?

Waiting to hear back from the finance guy and sales guy about what to do. I have no idea honestly at this point.

Well that’s an odd turn of events. I certainly wouldn’t sign and pay for a car that is possibly going to be sitting in the shop for 6 weeks, but hey, maybe this is a chance for you to get some leverage in the deal? :thinking:

I think you have to sign no matter what here right? There would be no point of walking away right now if you fully decide you don’t want this specific jeep. You will more than likely profit a couple thousand of dollars on sale when it gets fixed.

That’s a valid point, I’m not sure how I can walk away from it at this point.

No kidding, the Sales guy literally called me 15 minutes after the Finance guy came through with good news to tell me about the issue.

Talked to the finance guy today, and he was supposed to get with the sales guy. I have no idea what to even ask for leverage wise. I need to rent a pos car for $1k for a month, plus maybe pay the lease for the car sitting in their shop?

Ask for a free loaner?