Deal Check 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2021 Grand Cherokee High Altitude
36 Month
10k miles per year

MSRP $59,125
Selling $51,988

One Pay Lease total drive off $24,987

was also told that if I want 0 drive of, monthly is $748. times 36 month would be $26.928

what do you guys think?

Have you looked into anything else? The Grand Chrerokee is an 11 year old platform, and you could get a much nicer vehicle for between $700 and $750 per month. Alternatively, you should be getting one of these for much less. Find out the details (money factor, dealer discount, incentives, fees, etc.) and post them for the people who deal in Jeep leases. Also, do a search here and see what other people negotiated.

Thanks! I was considering Yukon 2021 but it was outside of my budget, what other non truck vehicles would you recommend that can tow over 7000 lbs?

oops I forgot to post these details
MF .00064
RV 55%

I don’t know much about towing capacity, but if this is the vehicle you want, you should be able to get it cheaper than this quote. According to edmunds, that is the correct residual and base money factor. You want to find out how much of a discount the dealer is offering and what incentives you qualify for. Get those number separately, as the dealers like to put down the “discount” and include incentives which don’t come out of their pocket to make the deal look better. Be sure to get any fees (acquisition, doc, etc.) as well.

This is an awful deal. The residual should be 55% with a MF .00064 from what I see on Edmunds.

Not sure what state you’re in but assuming a 7% sales tax on each payment (most states do it this way) you’re looking at a monthly payment of $636 per month if you pay inceptions up front (dealer fee, aquisition, dmv fees, and first month). But there should still be wiggle room in the sales price.

Can you post a deal sheet or the info from the deal sheet?

Why don’t you create and post this list? Then maybe someone can help you narrow down which ones to try leasing.

Do you qualify for the $250 bonusdrive rebate?

Tahoe, Expedition, and qx80