Deal Check 2021 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport AWD

Here’s deal and my calculator

Have you verified rv/mf/incentives with edmunds? Your calculator values look like defaults and I imagine that infiniti is giving a lot of direct to dealer incentives on these that you’ll need to separate out to adequately compare.

Rolling in $1000 in negative equity doesn’t help either. Have you priced your trade separately?

Yes the money factor and residuals are directly from Edmunds forum. It seems 1k would be $25 over 39 months plus tax?

Yah, about $28 per month after tax and rent charge. That, of course, assumes that there’s only $1000 in negative equity and they aren’t giving you a poor value on the trade.

Edmunds looks like there’s $6750 in direct to dealer incentives here that are rolled into your selling price, putting you at 9% pre-incentive. How does that compare to other Q50 deals you’ve researched here?

Not too many people are buying the q50. But I will take another look

Get rid of non-tax fees and cut doc fee in half

Wow! $14,200 off msrp and still $600+ a month. That’s crazy. 50% residual doesn’t seem too hot either.

Lot of low-hanging fruit here.

  1. Separate the trade. Seek bids from Carvana, vroom, ALGO, shift, Carmax etc.

  2. Price out arguably superior cars like M340i, S4, etc in the Marketplace

Hard pass on this 10 year old car at that price

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I have a build ready for M340i. It will be ready in soon. Infiniti called me and tried to counter there original offer. I figured I would share just to get expert opinion on deal. Looks like I’m going with the BMW

The car is not ten years old. It’s debut was 2014 and the Red Sport edition came later I believe in 2017. Considering yes the platform has “age” it is still competitive. The only thing missing is and digital gauge cluster and “wireless” apple car play and android auto.

The cars sales sticker features and performance has also changed and they no longer offer same packages like 2018 Sensory package. The brand is in trouble but will not disappear. Some of the best auto brands have been in the same boat. Sure if you think there’s better cars for the money I get it. On the other hand you are not gonna get a car spec like this for $600 a month.

I’ve tried BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Alfaro Romeo and so on will not give you a V6 in my area for less than $600 a month unless you put a substantial amount of money down or purchase a 4 Cylinder. Definitely not buying one of those. For that I would invest in a Electric car when the time is right.

That’s not a good benchmark if a better deal can be found within driving distance or shipped to you.

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Whatever justification you want to use. My brother just turned in his red sport and it’s nothing to be excited about with very clunky transmission and ancient interior.

I leased a 2018 Q50S RS AWD for $457.67 before tax, $500 even flat with tax @ 9.25% (CA sucks).

It’s the same as yours, 39/10. When I got this, I considered it to be an exceptionally good deal given that it destroyed the 1% rule.

My MSRP was $61,300. I did $0 down, rolled everything into my lease. So I think your deal is considerably less attractive… I am pretty sure I did $0 down or maybe I did first month’s + registration, but even then I got it to a $457 before tax.

Also, I learned from this experience not to do a 39 month lease, they can do 36. You end up paying a year’s worth of registration fees for 3 months of use.

Deals from 3 years ago aren’t good indicators of what is or isn’t a good deal now.

100% agree, good luck to OP with his search

Yeah there was more incentive for Infiniti to sell back in 2018 trust me I know—it’s the reason I leased one. The deals were great once upon a time. When I spoke with the dealer they assured Tier 1 credit based MF offer. I’ve decided to move forward with lease on a m340i. I thought about waiting for M3 to come out and see if deals would change. However I’m Getting a well packaged one with 1k down for $702 a month.

Urm…? Just curious - What were the terms?

36/10, 62K MSRP, 2021 BMW M340i RWD, MONTHLY PAYMENT $702. I will update when car is delivered

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