Deal Check - 2021 Genesis 2.0T

Hey All, just waiting on Edmonds for MF and RV + Incentives. This was actually incentives expiring 1/4 according to my dealer, but they are extending them for me. Wanted to see if this was a good deal.

Thanks all!

Can’t help without knowing the msrp or if the rv/mf/incentives are correct.

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How are they “extending them for you”? The MF/Residual could change and they’d have no control over that. I haven’t priced one of these before but my dealer does have them, maybe I should see what they give me out of curiosity.

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MSRP is 39700. Will have the rest shortly

.00045 and 50%
$3750 lease cash

From Edmonds



Yes. Conicelli

with the trade & DAS, you are at effective $500/m

That could easily get you into a 3 series, even decently optioned.

Are you dead set on g70?

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No, not dead set, just know the G70s were giving the German counterparts a good run for their money and wasn’t sure if it was worth it. They drive so nice, but if it’s 3 series money either way, then that’s worth a look obviously.

Was just this was a good deal for this particular car.

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For finance for sure, but with leasing, Genesis haven’t taken as an aggressive stance.

Which is too bad. The luxury brands seem to feed off leasing. I know the low “Korean” residual doesn’t help.

While I haven’t driven one yet, the G70 is a sharp looking car. I saw a $39K Black/Black AWD 2.0T with no options yesterday. It looked sharp. The dealer also had a grey/Black 3.3 T with the black 5 spoke wheels & Brembro brakes that was nice too. Just not $14,000 nicer ($54K sticker).

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Am I looking at this wrong? You could get into a decently loaded G20 330 for the same price

So you haven’t test driven the German cars in the same segment? You might want to do that, especially since they lease for around the same (or less). Especially in terms of driving dynamics, the 3 series should be the best out of the bunch.

Okay, so this all sounds great! And I’m definitely going to go test drive the stuff in the same segment, however, as far as this deal goes in particular: can anyone tell me if this actually looks like a reasonable deal or not? I do like the car, but my wife is also looking at some of the Hyundai SUV’s and I’m sorta
Interested if this dealer is trustworthy with their leases for future deals.

This does not look like a good deal.

Do yourself a favor and don’t speak numbers with any dealers in the future until you know what a good deal is. If you find yourself with a dealer offer in front of you, asking if it’s a good deal, youve gotten way ahead of yourself and set yourself up for a poor deal.

Any chance you can elaborate a bit more as to why it isn’t a good deal? The Residual and MF line up with Edmonds, but I’d love to learn what makes it not so good. Just trying to learn.

I’m in leasing for medical equipment and I know the basic rules, we only have 4 levers to pull: residual, rate, principal and term. These guys have so much more to bury in and disguise so I’d like to know what makes it not good.

The ~5% pre-incentive discount.

Your first step, if this is the car for you (or any other car), should be to work out what your target deal is. That means going through comparable deals to work out target pre-incentive discounts and filtering them through the current lease terms. You’ve got the info from edmunds for the lease terms, but you need to know the selling price you’re working towards.

Ok thanks, that makes sense. What resources do you like/use for determining pre incentive sales price?

The shared deals, trophy garage, and broker listings here is a great place to start


I don’t see as many people posting Genesis deals on here but if you’re looking at a BMW there’s tons on here that’s a big help. Like others have said and from my experience in looking at similar leases, 3 Series likely lease better. For leasing it’s not always the “cheapest” cars that are best.