Deal Check 2021 Custom Build BMW X3M40i


Was wondering if the following is a good deal for a 2021 Custom Build BMW X3M40i. This is in norcal .

MSRP: $66470
Selling Price : $59323 (10.8% before any incentives)
$Rebate: $750 ( Lease cash , I dont own a bmw now )
Residual: 55%
7 MSDs
Monthly: Approx. $763 after tax and fees
Lease terms - 36 months and 12,000 miles/year

The MF, residual, and incentives are locked in for 90 days with the best possible in between if it decreases.

Here is the lease hacker calculator.

Strong but rebates look too low unless you only have 750 in your region

Northeast has 1750

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I thought all of US had same programs

Yes, West cost has very less rebates, particularly in norcal. I am just hoping the rebates to get better in December when I take the car delivery with the 90 days locking.

Not lease cash

RV and MF yes

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I don’t have BMW loyalty as I don’t own BMW currently, Neither the student discount nor the military. That’s what I knew of in incentives and rebates apart from the 750$ lease credit. Do you have any other incentives in mind which i am missing or can try for ?

It’s a very strong deal so it’s worth going for it.

The beauty of a build is the numbers can only get better or stay the same


Thanks. I will be finalising it mostly .

I didn’t understand the last part , are you talking about the incentives or in terms of dealer negotiation discounts on MSRP ?

Definitely not negotiation

When you order a car, you get the best programs (not a mix and match) between the month you order and it’s delivered.

So if you order today, and the car arrives in December, and December has more lease cash, better RV, etc… you get those

If someone orders a car and then tries to negotiate it more when it arrives, they’re truly a snake.


That’s going to be one nice build at 66K.

Two suggestions: get the 19s if your driving includes anything less than prefect roads and you must go for Adaptive M Suspension.

Post pics to Trophy Garage when she’s in your garage.

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Thanks, @mattevan for the suggestions. Roads here in my area are decent. I will surely post the pics once it arrives .Btw in the meantime here is my build.


Do NorCal and SoCal have different incentives? I thought lease cash was 1000 and loyalty was 750 on 2021’s.

That’s what I am hoping for with December numbers in, the deal to get even sweeter. Finger crossed. Otherwise, I am good with these numbers today.

SoCal has also only $750 for the 2021 and $2000 for 2020 which is same as norcal . You can check it


Gorgeous. Red calipers on black body look sharp.

How come no shadowline?


:+1: Good way to check. 1000 was only for purchase.

Somehow I like the. dual-tone on side mirrors which gives it a contrast Shadowline takes away. Shadowline is not bad I was confused myself to go or not, showed to a couple of friends who also feel the contrast looks good on black. What else Shadowline adds apart from the black on grills and side mirror? Btw do you have any actual picture with and without Shadowline to compare and see how actually it looks ?