Deal Check: 2021 BMW X5 XDrive40i

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Hi there! I live in NY. I’ve been leasing a BMW 5 Series consecutively for many years. I need an SUV so am moving up to an X5. My lease is up November 30th so went to my dealer to see what specials they are running. I want an opinion If this is a good deal or could be better. I will attach the specs and deal below. The packages I added are mineral white metallic paint, cognac leather, premium package, parking assistance package, front and rear heated seats, heated front seats, armrests and steering wheel. The -$4550 at the bottom of the attachment is because I have $4550 in msd’s on file there already. The total cash and rebates section from BMW is $1500. $500 is for loyalty and they are saying $1000 is what BMW is offering this month on an X5. The monthly payment will be $798 for 36 months and 36,000 miles.
Also I didn’t add running boards. I wanted an opinion if they are worth it and helpful getting in and out of the car. Is the parking assistance package worth it. I’ve never had it in a car.

I’m just tackling this one question, but imo, definitely. BMW has great 360 cameras and especially with you being new to the SUV size, it would be helpful. Plus, it gives you an inbuilt dashcam with downloadable footage (though there may be a subscription fee for that now, fyi)


First you need to find out if you have any equity in the current vehicle. Check the kbb value and get quotes from carvana, shift, etc to see if you can get any money out of it. Doubtful but worth spending 10 minutes to check.

X5’s aren’t leasing that well due to high demand, COVID supply issues, etc so if you’re looking for a truly great deal that isn’t happening. Your quote looks a little high but the MF and tax aren’t listed so it’s hard to evaluate. Dealer sheets like this normally hide a marked up MF, especially if they gave you that discount without much work.

Looking at other recent deals 10-11% discount is achievable but you’ll likely need to shop around. A broker is an option as well.

TL;DR: more discount, check MF, check value on current vehicle.

You’re in NY? Must be an out of state dealer then if they allow MSD’s. Why don’t you try one of the many brokers on LH that serve the tri-state?

In addition, to what’s mentioned to above, the DAS amount is horrendous.

Those numbers look awful. Have you reached out to one of the brokers on here?

Take a look at this…

Thank you. How do I find out the MF? I spoke to 2 other BMW dealers nearby. Their deals were a lot worse. They were taking off only 5 percent off MSRP.
I am under my mikes substantially this lease end. Which has never been the case. The dealership said that doesn’t matter in getting any credits back. Is that accurate?

Yes. You are correct. I live in NY and the dealer is in CT. I’ve never used a broker before to lease a car so I’m not familiar with the process.

Send @nyclife a PM on here and they will guide you thru the process.

You can find the MF from the Edmunds forum, I got it from:

MF: .00082

That’s base, so assuming you have good credit that’s what you can qualify for. The dealer is probably marking it up to boost profit. Any quote from a dealer involving a lease should have the MF or interest rate but you might need to ask for it.

To be clear about the discount I mentioned, others have managed to get 10-11% pre-inventive. So your $1500 in incentives shouldn’t be lumped into that.

How many miles are you under? BMWFS give a $200-300 credit I think, email them and they’ll be able to advise.

Stop talking to dealers first. Read up on here, check Edmunds for MF/residual numbers. Compare what others have gotten recently. As others have stated, this deal looks quite poor.

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Thank you for that. I was having problems getting the information from that link. I will try to find out the MF. I’m 4,000 miles under. I think teh credit is $200 for that amount

Is the money factor different depending on the car?

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