Deal Check -- 2021 BMW X5 M-Sport


Hey guys,

I am working on a deal with a local dealer in the NY area. They originally offered about 4% off and I got them up to about 8% off in person.

Now we’re discussing over the phone they came back to me at 10% off. The only thing missing from the money up front is plate fee which should be about $250 and also depending on final tax rates so total ~$5,500 DAS.

I am have another deal around 11% off but out of state so the numbers almost net out when considering transport/pickup.

Let me know what you all think of this deal, i’m curious your feedback.


I’m in the same boat looking for an M-Sport. Did you end up going with it? If so, do you mind posting the entire breakdown of the deal? Trying to get an idea of what to expect going into negotiation for one.

Similar car purchase here. 540i xsport 2021 Msport 72k MSRP. 65k sale price 2900 down and 780 month. The 2900 is all the fees and tAxes

Hi there- I am in SoCal and also seeking a deal on an X5 (m50i or 40i x drive). I’d like a 10-11% discount + incentives. Does anyone have any CA’s they’d recommend who would do this kind of deal on an order car?

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