Deal Check: 2021 BMW X3 xDrive 30i [UT]

Here’s where we are today:
Calculator Link

MSRP $50,285
Selling Price $45,790
56% RV
.00082 MF
Cap reduction $1,503 (rolling some + equity) - makes spousal support of the deal easier
$1,750 Lease cash
No loyalty
Acq $925
Doc $449
Gov $261
7.25% Sales Tax, monthly levy

$3k DAS - about $1500 comes from the equity

This was proposed by the dealer after about a few hours of back and forth.

I want to be here: Calculator Link

Work the selling price down to $45,290, bump the down to stay at $3k DAS, use that equity. I still think that is reasonable and there is still a decent profit for the dealer in these numbers, but they’re as good as I am going to get with two BMW dealers owned by the same guy unless I bounce out to Vegas or further.

This is similar to the deals I was getting at a local Acura dealer for an MDX - but I miss my old 2011 X3, and dollar for dollar, IMHO it is a better car than the MDX, even if it does give up some size.

How do these deals look? I’m lukewarm on the initial offer - sales rep seems to think he could close the gap to get me to $500 if we push, and I’m pretty happy at 9.9% off MSRP on a 2021 model - just want to see if its in line with what others are seeing out there.

This would help me end my lease on a 4Runner about 9 months early, and get out from under USBank. They’ve been ok, and the Runner is a great car but…just a bit to floppy for my tastes after living with it.

Thanks all!

I can’t imagine paying this much for an X3 30i, let alone one that’s so barely optioned.

You might wanna check the Marketplace to see if someone can ship you an XC60, RDX etc. or pay a little bit more for an SQ5

The deal looks reasonable from a pre-incentive discount standpoint, but the programs don’t seem to be making this a particularly good value for the dollar currently. There are an awful lot of options when you’re paying $600/mo.

I’m not sure of your region, but I know someone here just posted a deal with 6k higher MSRP for same (equivalent) monthly.

Maybe check some brokers if no luck with dealers direct?

It is a great car and it is personal preference on spending. But for that money, I agree it should at least be more nicely equipped. Update: saw someone signed XC60 T5I loaded for same monthly if you have 36/10k and loyalty (NY) - this is same as other persons X3. So seems consistent and can maybe be used as baseline

What are the everyone’s thoughts on this? Calculator

Getting a little more aggressive at 11% off of MSRP - still $3k DAS and $453/mo pre tax, $486 w/tax.

I think that given the current lease programs, it’s a strong offer. I still don’t think that for $550-600 /mo an x3 without an M in the name makes much sense.

I’m in the southwest. I’ve looked at some of the Northeast deals - and the look nice, but I’m probably looking at $1k or so to ship and I wouldn’t want to make a road trip that long.

I’ve looked out in California too but I didn’t see much on here from brokers and have not contacted any dealers out there.

I have reached out to some brokers here, but I have not been able to carve out time to have a call with one of them, our schedules just don’t seem to line up. Two others, I’ve filled out the inquiry forms but with no responses over the last two days.

I did look at Dave’s sheet too - he was very quick to respond, but there’s not an x30i to be found on his deal sheet. Seems like xDrives are limited out there (for good reason).

What features you looking for i have two dealers in Chicago

I’ve got pretty simple tastes.

Comfort Access, heated seats and wheel, NAV, Live Cockpit, pano roof and xDrive model are musts. No black, too much work, vented seats and ambient lighting are nice, but not necessary - anything else would depend on the lease price. Color preference would be Phytonic Blue.

I’d absolutely take an M40i if there’s a way to get it for $500 a month and on all seasons - but that seems to be a stretch in today’s market.

You find me a m40i for $500 and i will pay you a broker fee haha.

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Keep in mind that this X3 isn’t $500 /mo either

Had to take my shot :stuck_out_tongue:

you got to least hit the rim, Give me something to rebound.

If I could hit the rim - I’d be playing for the Jazz. That loss to the Nuggets still stings.

New car makes the sting a bit less

You can get an X3 M40i for $600 month, equivalent?
I saw someone had T5I fully loaded 36/7.5k (with loyalty) and that was around $600 also.

Quick search turned up this thread

So that deal is on a base M40 with less features at $620 all in with 1000 OL honored (most only do $500) plus additional some $1000 dealer specific.

I understand some prefer the power over features but I think daily driver, I’d take the options, given OP of this thread doesn’t have either haha

A $59K M40i has way more features than a $50k 30i.

Above, I stated that his car has no options. I also was referring to the other member who posted about his 57k X3.
A 57k X3 has more options than a 59k M40i.

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