Deal Check 2021 BMW M340xi

Taking my same deal and doing full MSD and 0 markup over Base MF , 500 loyally I end up @ 755 ish vs the 820 I had in the first post… So would that not be more comparable to what ccreyts is saying? Minus the full 10% …

Lol not true. In the calculations I posted I adjusted the msrp up.

The $500 in incentives is $14 /mo. So not moving the dial here.

My point was with two min of looking at a calculator, swapalease and recent deals, it wasn’t worth looking at.

And yes, getting rid of the markup and shooting for 10% gives you 730 all in at 7% tax- ie using the broker deal I posted for your car

And as someone who deals these cars I’m saying 10% or base MF gets him within distance of a broker deal…without paying a broker fee. It’s not $200 in savings, but I will agree on a swap but maybe OP doesn’t want too.

Nah, $200 is about right.

If you look at the calculator in the first post, the total lease cost is $29655.

If we adjust that deal to reflect 10% off at buy rate, the total lease cost is $27698. Add in about $1200 for shipping and $500 in broker fee and the total lease cost becomes $29398.

$250 difference in net cost.

Now the actual question here is what is the real original deal since the calculator doesn’t seem to line up.

JD, as in take over a lease? I am not opposed. But I wonder what condition the car I take is going to be in, whats wrong with it and what I can possible get hit with when I turn the car in. Pricing on some of those deals looks too good to be true. It makes me wonder if its a way people are able to get out when underlying problems are there. Otherwise I would be down and it would be nice to do something shorter than 36.

So look it over before taking the lease over.

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The point you’re at it’s worth it to fly out and see 4-5 you don’t like before finding the right one…

Great car, terrible “deal”, small discount and max markup, limited incentives.

He’s saying a month, not total.

That was point

I’m so confused I give up lol…for the money I buy a used RS3. But maybe that is because every inquiry I get is for this car.

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$800+ for a 3 series…ouch. even for an m340


Sold my RS3 for 56K last year with 5500 miles. MSRP was about 65ish? Best car I ever had!!!

Right! 800+ a month if it’s a 3 it better have and M in front of it and that’s it, maybe a competition under.

Listen to what everyone is telling you. Ask for 10% off MSRP and buy rate MF. That’s what’s “normal” here on LH.

If they keep playing games and don’t want to even come close then hit up one of the brokers.

Here’s one:

Thanks! I’m sold out except for a random, base-ish RWD one, though!

@JD81 You work Chicago region correct? I was able to get a Chicago region dealer to go 11% and base MF on a demo with 64k msrp this week after a couple months of back and forth. Non demo? You are absolutely right, nobody is willing to play ball on these right now in this area. Some of the offers were laughable.

Yea I can’t even get them to budge on new Suvs, if they do it’s max 6% new. There getting MSRP right now. Why blow out when you limited on inventory, and selling within a day of being on the lot.

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Thats about what BMW gave me locally was 6.15% off MSRP … I am out of town and looking at cars in SLC. Will be back and worry about the back and forth then… They have a White M2 Comp that I may take a stab at but I suspect they will not come off much more that 6% and they are loading the back end up. Thanks for the input guys.

I leased a very similar car a month ago through a broker. Overall it was 4k cheaper with 12k miles. I did get an additional $500 incentive, base MF, and 9.5% off.