Deal check 2021 BMW 330e

I am looking for 330e lease deal in CA.
it’s really hard to get a good discount in this current market situation.
This is the best deal I have got so far.
the dealer marked up MF. (0.00093 → 0.00133)
They don’t want to have base MF, Can I deal more at the dealership, especially MF?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW 330e
MSRP: $46,285
Selling Price: $41,657 (10%)
Monthly Payment: $415
Drive-Off Amount: $2450
Annual Mileage:10
MF:0.00133 (marked up from 0.00093)
Region: CA

10% off, even with a 2BP bump is pretty decent right now.

Not bad for the current environment. You could lower your monthly payment if you did 7 MSDs. Could also lower the miles to 7500 per year to bump up the residual % by a point.
Can you break down the incentives that you have—I’m trying to work out a similar deal.

Bmw Riverside seems to be having an OL code even right now so worth going in for an additional $500 off

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incentives, $1000 lease cash, $2000 loyalty, $1166.73 CCFR

I contacted them but they won’t beat to 10% off.

10% is very good in this market - just ordered 2022 X4 with 5% off msrp ( NY here)
kind of sucks they messed with the MF to make up the discount they gave.

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