Deal Check: 2021 BMW 330e $50k MSRP, $406 36/10 - 1st Month + $569 at signing


When everyone said, inventory is tough and getting discounts is tough, I didint know it would be this tough! Its like pulling teeth!

Make: BMW
Model: 330e
MSRP: $49,735
Sell Price: $45,460
Discount: 8.6% before incentives
Months: 36
Miles: 10,000
Residual: 58%
MF: .00093
Incentives: $6600 - (Loyalty: 2000, Lease Cash: 1500, College Grad: 1000, OL: 1000, NYS Electric Car 1100)
Monthly: $406
DAS: $976 (1st month and $569 (fees and taxes on the incentives I think, he said he couldnt roll this in for some reason, not sure why)

Score: 10.4

Thoughts? I was really trying to get to 10%, but no dice at any dealer. The dealer that I got my current car from in the golden year of 2019 was able to give me this deal, which I thoughts was the best.

Let me know if there is something I’m missing that I qualify for. Wish I could get Penfed or something like that

Deal may be somewhat replicable. Assuming he has the car. Would be willing to share info, once the deal is signed.

See if the dealer will do an even 9% off MSRP. Get rid of the $5XX down payment.

EDIT: Updated calculator.

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They wont. I tried it all. Sales manager was at 7.55%, after pushing, pushing, and pushing, I got another $520 off to bring it to what it is now. When he says, “I only have 2 of these, and they will sell at MSRP within 2 days, why would I lose money on it for you”, I dont really have a good response to that.

Not sure what else I could do.
How is the deal otherwise?

He’s giving you the full OL code, and you’re fortunate enough to have college grad and utilize the NYS POS rebate which make this deal great.

Also in a state with low docs fees.

He’s absolutely right. Take the deal. It’s good. You’re not in a position to ask for 10-12% off in this market


I agree. Was just wondering if there were any other rebates I could sign up for, or if I am tapped out already

do you have bmwcca? you have to have the membership for some time before getting the rebate though

Penfed but too late as you have to be a member for 60 days. Some dealers will stack OL and Penfed (I know a few that do) and some will tell you they don’t stack.

I’d personally take the deal given your situation

I dont, I wish i knew about it. Sounds like you have to be a member for atleast 6 months

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Dont you have to qualify for Penfed? (military, vet etc).
Def taking the deal, just making sure I dot all my i’s and cross my t’s

Nope. You open up a savings account online with $5 to start .

Like @LeaseNYC said, BMWCCA rebate, but you have to be a member for 6 months and that’s a post sale rebate, not POS.

Right, and Penfed is 60 days. Oh well, I missed out.

It’s a pretty good deal, and you have a stack of incentives helping you out. Don’t stress more about it and enjoy your ride :slight_smile: before it gets sold from under you…

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Incentives on your side. Would 7500 miles do the trick? Probably get you down to $390ish.

Yeah I would want a higher discount, but with those incentives, that’s a good deal.

7500 would cut it too close prob.
Penfed would also bring it down to $390 or better. Someone in the Penfed thread posted that he was able to use his wife’s even though she wasnt on the lease. I posted overthere asking if anyone had an extra cert they werent using. Worth a shot!

Unfortunately, dealer wont discount any further

If the dealer is not willing to go any further as far as the discount, and this is the best you can do (in this current market), then take the deal. How are broker deals on this car, btw?

Please see my response.

Im taking the deal tomorrow. Just seeing if there is anything else I can tack on to make it better.

I havent seen any better deals from brokers.

Let us know if you ended up taking the deal.

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This is about on par with what I was quoted although I’m in TX. Best I have is 8-8.5%, will not budge at all. I assume there must be some bottom line offers at this point that guarantees they will gain more than, say, selling a car at 9% off so they are absolutely not going anything below.
Also I’m not even sure if they will contribute the $500 portion of OL since I don’t have one.

This looks very solid and if that’s the car you want you are not getting any better at least for this month.

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