Deal Check: 2021 Audi SQ7 Prestige (buy in VA/MD, tag in FL) - calculator doesn't match estimate?

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Looking at a SQ7 for a 36/12k. I am in FL, but buying in VA/MD region (not sure which applies for the deal details - it’s my first lease).
Car has a MSRP of $100,815, “discount” of $5500 and “rebate” of $2250 for post incentive adjusted price of $93,065 and a purchase price of $93,364 because they are adding in the cost of a $299 Kahu tracker(?)
Rest of the estimate: Doc fee $499, Tax $489.94, non-tax fees $425.
Dealer said it is with a MF of .00108 and residual of 50% (haven’t included AudiCare at this point).
Estimate with a “$5000 down payment” is a monthly of $1,351

  1. I can’t get it to add up in the calculator - here is my link for what I’ve done, but the monthly payment is off (calc says $1298 with tax)
  2. I’ve gotten the current MF and residual from Edmunds at .00068 and 50%, with $750 lease cash, so obviously that MF needs work. But is there a way to understand what incentives I should qualify for so that I can separate the MSRP discount from the “rebate”/incentives?
  3. I am trying to get specific options that make the wife happy, so I am limiting my choices nationally. That said, what would be a good/observed MSRP discount range (excluding incentives) for a car like a 2021 SQ7 Prestige? I’ve been thinking that 9% would be a good day for that car.

Out of curiosity, did you request rv/mf/incentives for your zip or the dealer zip? That may be where the difference in incentives is coming from.

Good question - I didn’t request it for my zip, but on the written estimate it includes my location in FL so I assume that it applies for me. I’ll confirm when I reach back out after getting from forum feedback!

You didn’t add in the acq fee, but the main issue is probably the misunderstanding of $5k down payment vs due at signing.

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Don’t VA/MD dealers sometimes include the destination fee as a discount and add it back In? I could never get my calculator to match when I reached out to dealers in that area.

Edited: destination fee not aquisition

I’ve seen them do weird stuff with the destination fee like that, but not the acquisition fee.


I fixed all your numbers in the calculator the best I could and get $1,407/mo. with $5k DAS. I lumped the doc fee, Kahu, and non-tax fees together under dealer fees.

Updated LH Calculator - SQ7

We don’t have a lot of data points on SQ7’s as they’re generally not very lease friendly, but just on the surface a 5% pre-incentive discount with marked up MF on a $100k+ non-RS Audi seems weak.

If I adjust the calculator to base MF, 10% pre-incentive discount, and get rid of any additional down payment I get $1,227 with $4k DAS. That would be my counter offer.

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Thanks for that - that is really helpful. Is 10% pre-incentive something that is seen for fresh Audis? All I know is that 10% was the CostCo deal number, so it isn’t losing money

10% is definitely possible but like anything it depends on the model/dealer. 10% should be relatively easy on a SQ5 but next to impossible on a S5, for example. Don’t have a lot of data points on SQ7’s as mentioned but that is where I would start.

Came down to 7.4% off MSRP but literally can’t get the calculator to make sense - see attached. This is with the same MF of .00108 .
Clarified: the rebates are $750 lease cash and UP TO $1500 of first payment
Clarified: the “cash down” plus first month’s payment = DAS so $6,289 DAS for $1289 a month

I would enter this into the calculator as $750 in taxed incentives and would tweak the output to give me a DAS amount of $5000.

Doing so isn’t completely accurate, but what you’d be doing is removing the first month’s payment component of the DAS with the waived first month’s payment incentive. I imagine what they’re actually doing is having you pay the $6289 up front rather than $5k, but having the incentive amount amortized across the lease.

If you try that approach, does the calculator work out?

Update: did deal on a $106,605 stickered SQ7 Prestige with Sport Package, Luxury, Laser, BO, etc etc. Ended up being 10% off MSRP with incentives, got it at buy rate MF. It was the best deal I got for a Blue Luxury pack SQ7 Prestige in the southeast/midatlantic and I shopped hard. Was also told that the S Package cars aren’t supposed to be discounted as much as the non-S Package cars by 3 different dealers - if you are looking for a deal on a Prestige, look for non-S Package SQ7s. The final calculator linked below

Final calculator

All things considered, not a great LH score but it was a great deal for my wife’s parameters (had to be Prestige, had to be Blue, had to be Luxury package, had to be black optics, no red interior). There’s about 5 other cars out there in this region that could be gotten for another 1-2% off if you are good with grey/black ext and no luxury package, based on offers I got. Second best offer I got for a S package car was 6% with incentives for a car that had been on the lot for 55 days already… they are not good values for leasing on the whole IMO.

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Calculator looks a little :thinking: like the incentives for example

What about it looks off? The incentives are $750 plus one month lease payment up to $1500 ($1306.91)

Ah that explains it. Usually never see incentives other than whole round numbers.

In that case anyone else doing Audi deals with first month’s payment as a rebate should consider $0 DAS with the corresponding higher monthly payment to save a few bucks

Congrats and post pics



Very sharp looking SUV … you’ll never be in the doghouse as long as you can point to that thing in the driveway