Deal Check: 2021.5 Atlas 3.6 SE Tech R-Line 4 Motion - $3550 DAS $429.73/mo


Was just offered what I feel is a good lease as well as finance price on this mid year refresh 2021.5 Atlas SE Tech R-Line 4Motion. The reason I ask for check is because I think they are holding onto some extra due at signing and I’m unfamiliar with a term on the sheet.

NJ, 08753.

The MF according to edmunds on 36/12 is 0.00117 with 57% residual. They are giving me 39/12 with 56% residual with same MF.

Also they have the drive off at $3550 with 0 down but first month tax title fees dmv acquisition paid upfront and not rolled in. I actually got 4100 on this originally lol, but my calc is a couple dollars off. They mentioned including an extra incentive I couldn’t find over my $500 first responder.

Anyway here’s the numbers.

MSRP 45,159.00
Price 39712.63
MONTHLY 429.73
Cap reduction 3115.77
Rebate 929 (500 first responder, the extra they must have thrown in)
MF 0.00117
Residual 56%
Acq. 699
Tax 1257.31
AMO$/Opt 398 (what is this?)

DUE AT SIGNING 3550 (I get 3478.04)

Here is as close as I can get in the calculator:

I’ll attach a picture of the sheet.

They also offered me a sale price of 40459 with 10,000 due at signing @1.9apr 72months for 503.34 a month which seems pretty good and we might go with instead but I’d love to be under 500 here.

What did Edmunds say about lease cash amount?

The $398 is etch, that’s BS, they need to take it off

$1750 dealer lease cash, VW to dealer incentive.

I did forget about this honestly.

Edit: How do I ask about the dealer lease cash?

You need to show dealer incentives as untaxed incentives on your calculator so you know what the pre incentive discount is on the selling price. 10% before incentives is the goal

Gotcha so my goal would be a sale price of 38,924 which is 10% off MSRP then another 1750 dealer lease cash off.

The extra $429 equals your monthly payment so I’m wondering maybe VW is waiving the first payment.

It would show up in calculations as a rebate equal to the monthly payment

Thanks I believe you’re right.

That leaves the 1750 lease cash I have to ask them for if the 500 first responder is already there and have them remove the etch fee. I have a feeling they’ll argue the dealer cash since my only evidence of it is a post on edmunds.

Don’t fight line by line. It’s not Stalingrad.

Run your calculations by the forum and then offer $X per month with $Y DAS.


Thanks everyone, going to sign this in a few.

We got down to $399 a month with same drive of of $3550 DAS. Score of 8.5 years on calc. They were really stuck on 409 a month and the etching made the difference. We were going to aim for 489 for 72 months finance but this model doesn’t have memory seating which was a deal breaker on long term, we’d have to bump up a model which would be around 550 at best so went with the lease on this one.