Deal check: 2020 VW Golf TSI Automatic

Looking at a 2020 VW Golf TSI Automatic. ZIP code is 15108 (Pennsylvania).

Trading my car in (I have the title), it’s falling apart slowly. Multiple appraisals have settled on $3k. I just want to get rid of it. Will use it instead of a down payment.

I’m new to this, but I think both of these are bad deals, right? The calculator is saying I should be paying around $275/month for either of these…

Dealer #1

MSRP............... 25574
Selling price...... 23735
Trade-in........... 3000
Terms.............. 36mo, 10k mi/yr
MF................. .00001 (from Edmunds)
RV................. 49% (from Edmunds)
0 down (plus my $3k car) = $333/month

Dealer #2

MSRP............... 25709
Selling price...... 23770
Trade-in........... 3000
Terms.............. 36mo, 10k mi/yr
MF................. .00051 (from dealer #2)
RV................. 50% (from dealer #2)
0 down (plus my $3k car) = $324/month

Dealer #3
Still waiting on a quote…

Seems a bit odd that the RV and MF would vary.

That said, at those MFs, I would take back the $3k from the trade in a check and put zero down (many would advise you do that anyway).

That said, you must really really want the Golf to pay an effective payment of over $400/mo for if. It doesn’t lease well. If it was me, I would either purchase/finance the Golf or lease something else. If you must have a hatch, the Corolla SE leases well in some regions.

+1. Find a 2019 hatch or preferably wagon before they run out, it’s the last year of the 6yr/72k mile warranty. Finance at “0 APR”

Wagons will hold their value better because VW will no longer import them but the hardcore wagon fanatics will always want one.

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The best answers were provided right above, if you’re seriously interested in the Golf then finance/purchase it. Directly quoted from VW “*0% APR, no down payment required. Available on new, unused 2020 Golf GTI models financed by Volkswagen Credit for 0% APR, monthly payment for every $1,000 you finance for 72 months is $13.89. Not all customers will qualify for credit approval or advertised APR. Offer ends August 31, 2020.” IMO I would finance in this case. If you still wish to lease for whatever reason I would wait for third dealer quote/look around for other hatch styles in the meantime?

Other hatchback that likely lease a heck of a lot better: Corolla SE, Mazda3

Other VW model(s) if you really like VWs: Jetta

Other hatchbacks that may make sense to purchase heavily discounted or slightly used: Elantra GT, Civic Hatchback (may lease ok, probably not)

Agree that you should look at financing the car, if you are set on a Golf. When I purchased mine in late 2018, they were offering financing incentives that were not available on a lease. Who knows what the case is now, but it’s worth asking.

The dealer where I got our Tiguan had 4 Alltrack 6MTs in stock since before I got my Tiguan last March. They finally sold (or auctioned or traded, who knows) the last of the four last month. I really wanted one, but even back when we were looking at the Tiguan, the Alltrack was well over 50% per month to lease. But I do sort of wish I could have grabbed a manual Alltrack since it’ll be the last manual wagon (and one of the last CUVs) to ever have existed on these shores.

@TypeSH - I am really leaning towards the Golf. I didn’t love the Civic, Veloster, or Mazda3. Still have to drive a Corolla hatch though.

Is this worth exploring? It’s 39 months instead of 36, and still has a down payment though.

Those ads are a waste of time.

As max said, the ad price is garbage. That said, specifically about 39-mo vs 36-mo, it’s a matter of where the residuals are set for each. When I got the Tiguan, the residuals were close enough that the savings in going to 39-mo was worth it. Basically, our Tiguan is $245/mo @ 39-mo. For 36-mo it would have came up to around $11/mo more. So for the first 35 mo (since first mo was covered either way), the savings were $385 or about 1.6-months of the additional 3 months. So it was worth it even with the extra year of registration.

I still don’t recommend leasing a Golf, but if you really must, see what you can do to nail down the RV/MFs for both 36 and 39 at the miles/year that you need. Find out what’s an aggressive but doable discount and compare the totality of the deal and then make a call.

And while it’s a more solid vehicle than the other hatchbacks, is it worth a 60% higher effectively monthly payment? That’s the question I would ask myself. Something to keep in mind as you test drive the Corolla SE 5-dr.

When I was looking at VW Vortex, the best deals were to be had on MT b/c, well, no one wants to buy one. The other thing is that I think the MT can only be had on the S trim. So, if the MT doesn’t kill it for you, the lack of any desirable options would.

The Alltrack is one of the few VWs (inclusive of GTI, GLI, etc) that can be had fairly well loaded with a manual. I know Jetta is S trim only, probably Sportwagen too.

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