Deal Check 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport - $534/mo $0 DAS

Have spent a week emailing dealers within a 2hr drive of me and this is the best that I’m at.

2020 VW Cross Sport SEL R-Line w/ 4Motion

MSRP: $46,725
Selling Price: $43,225 (7.5% pre-incentive discount)
MF: .00064
Residual: 54%
Incentive: $2100 Dealer lease cash
DAS: $0
$534/mo including 9.5% tax
Region: Midwest

Goal was to be at or below $500 but looking like won’t be possible especially without qualifying for the additional first responder/recent grad rebates. Any way I can do better? Calculator attached.

Maybe an SE will get you where you want to be

This is actually pretty solid given the car was released in March and well…Covid. I would tell them (if you haven’t already) 10% off pre incentive and you’ll come get the car today. That’ll get you right at the $500 mark.

Let us know how things turn out!

I agree with @CaptainPeirce1991 at least 10% off. If it was me in So Cal area where it is very competitive i’m shooting for 12% minimum. Keep us posted how you do.

I just got my Cross Sport SEL R-Line… same MSRP… ended up getting it for $515 after NJ taxes and 0 DAS. I also had the college grad and the VW partner discount included.

Hope this helps as a baseline.

It’s time-consuming for anyone else to revers-engineer your deal.

Pls post the relevant details in a LH calculator link or two pages of your contract starting below personal info

I just gave my # since @Jordan00 wanted some thoughts on his deal. His #s are close to mine, I’m not gonna go through the trouble of providing a calculator link or my contract.

Monthly numbers are fairly irrelevant as incentives, lease programs, personal situations, tax rates, and tax application vary significantly. Without that information, there’s no way of judging how your numbers compare to his.

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