Deal Check: 2020 Volvo XC60 T8 Momentum

This is for my brother actually with a dealer in the New England region. I think its a great deal, but wondering what more can be done. He is a physician, so he gets the medical discount plus an A rate because he is employed by a university that offers a discount, and the costco discount. Im trying to see if they will take my Volvo in as part of the 9 month early lease trade in and then he can receive loyalty as well. I would need to cosign on the deal, but it would save me quite a bit of money since Its my second car, and so I would save on payments, parking, and insurance while my business is decimated due to covid19.

Anyway, here is the deal. Any thoughts?Screenshot_20200522-165259_Gallery|342x500

Edit: not sure how to directly post the image on here. Its $600/month 0 DAS

Did you check the residual / money factor / incentives with Edmonds? That money factor looks marked up And with the amount of trunk money, I think of the dealer discount is close to zero. You need to breakout the preincentive price to judge the deal.