Deal Check - 2020 Volvo XC60 T-5 R-Design AWD Loaner

Before I pull the trigger on a vehicle this weekend, wanted to get a last quotation in for a Volvo XC60 that I found.

MSRP: $54,440
Sales Price: $43,577 ($3000 dealer cash + $2750 lease cash included)
MF: .00135 (Mentioned they don’t do base MF deals - marked up by .0005)
Residual: 56.075% (Adjusted for the mileage on the loaner)
Acq Fee: $995
Total Dealer Fees: $651
Crook County Tax: 9%

Monthly: $632 with only the first month and plates due at signing

I do qualify for the Penfed $1000 credit, but that doesn’t really bring the value down a lot.

I tried to plug in these numbers into the calculator and I did not get the $632 payment she mentioned. Which seems a lot anyways.

Not sure what I need to speak to her about. Any feedback?

The only thing to say to this dealer is goodbye.


Lol. They haven’t called back at all. Haha.

ssedha This discount from 54 to 43 makes it seem like a great deal. As you become a great hacker you will find pleasure in researching Edmunds for the lease cash/ dealer cash, MF, residuals and stackable discounts. It looks like you have already done some of that research already. The next phase is to make sure you can qualify for any other special discounts and deals. LH is great for researching the actual dealer discounts that other hackers have received. The lease cash and dealer cash is a different line item. Thats not from the dealer. If you look at the most recent deals on XC60- keeping in mind some may be unattainable depending on market you will have a target dealer discount. Use that as your guide.

If you are searching for a loaner deal- these are often discounted much more heavily and should be considered a different category altogether.

The discount you want to achieve is your personal goal based on the market you live in, how far you are willing to travel, how much time you want to put into it etc. Once you have your target discount (which you know to be a reasonable discount) then just ask the dealer to give that to you.
Just to be clear- Don’t go into the dealer- communicate via email etc.

They may agree and then try to sell you extended warranty tire and other super profitable extras but if you decline add ons the deal should match what you can calculate on the LH calc or by hand.

Keep in mind you can calculate the price difference between the base MF and The marked up rate. Make sure and mention you understand the additional profit that provides the dealer- Look I realize you are marking up the MF and making an additional X $ so my Y % discount is more than fair.
Ask four or five dealers and you are likely to get at lease close to it.

I feel lease hacking isn’t about taking advantage of dealers but just knowing what a good deal might look like to them and offering it politely. Your research should give you the target price you want. If your city is not competitive expand your reach. Or just use one of the great brokers here and sit back. Some of the hackers here take great pride in finding amazing deals. It is inspiring but not always attainable in some markets or times of the month. A good hack is a moving target- This month it may be Audi and Volvo while next month it may be BMW. This makes it fun and interesting. Enjoy the process.


Genius insight.

Lot’s of good stuff in this post.

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Awesome post. Thank you for your help.

I hope you are enjoying your new XC60. How did you settle up your deal?

Haha. I wish. They basically said they weren’t interested in doing a deal with the base MF and adding the $1000 Penfed credit I had.

Also when I mentioned that the same numbers were generating some other monthly, their response was that they use a different tool to calculate their numbers and were not open to entertaining mine.

I said thanks for your consideration and moved on.

Good deals can take time. Good luck.

Are you guys related?