Deal Check: 2020 Volvo V90 R-Design

First time caller :wink:
I purchased via a Broker a year or so ago, and intend to again. But there is very little access to Volvo Wagons via broker.

I had my local dealer reach out to me with the attached deal

Interested to you peoples thoughts on it. I tried to put it into the calculator, but wasn’t sure how to structure the data correctly.

The non CCs don’t lease well

You could save $100 per month doing a similar MSRP T6 CC

The car on your sheet is gorgeous but you can get a bigger engine CC for considerably less


CC has 5000 in rebates in my region

Can’t speak for yours

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$2500 in rebates on both the CC and the T5 R-design right now in socal is what I’m seeing.
Makes this local deal look not as good as the rebates are being hidden in the discount.

@ozPJ, what does edmunds say for MF/RV/Incentives?

Talk to @Benedetto, he can probably get you one. But there are fewer V90s than any other Volvo model, I believe

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