Deal Check: 2020 Tiguan SE 4motion

Offer sheet below is for a Tiguan SE with 4Motion. This one has a pano-sunroof but that’s not required at all.

I’m in Denver, CO, which is proving to be a REALLY tough market. This deal is the best offer I’ve managed by a mile. There are 6+ VW dealerships within a 2 hour drive and most have no interest in negotiating beyond a standard MSRP discount and then a bunch of crap fees.

Would love to work with a broker, but I can’t find a single one who services my region that will deal with lowered priced non-luxury SUVs. But shouts to @Bacons_C.C and @Benedetto for their advice and great demeanor on the phone, looking forward to working with either on a second more luxury SUV once my new job is started in three months or so.

I’m also open to shipping a better deal on a better SUV. The only real requirement is AWD and aiming at a total all in cost on a 36 month lease of around $13k.

Thanks y’all!

That seems to be about what they’re doing here in KC as well. I was preparing to negotiate one for my wife, until I drove one and felt it was dangerously underpowered.

It’s not going to win Daytona that’s for sure. But I feel the same about pretty much everything in this class. They all feel underpowered in any type of climbing. I’ve driven the Tucson, Rogue, Forester, Compass, Equinox, Rav4 and CRV. At least the Tiguan has better and more nimble in city driving.

We also tested the CX-5 and felt like it had much more oomph… but it was too small. I feel like VW could have had the undisputed class leader if they had given the Tiguan a bit more power.

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What do people expect as far as engine power in this and the one below SUV/CUV category? These are meant as family transporters , car evolution from the minivans. If they make the engines more power than that will price out many in the segment.

Sorry to derail this thread by criticizing the Tiguan’s power!

I was really just saying that the discount on MSRP is similar to what I’m seeing around here. Not sure how much deeper you can cut it, so I suspect the issue is in the residual on these.


Since were on the subject of power…many people think the reason it is at 184hp is if they made it the same hp as the Audi q3 then it would negatively affect q3 sales. Alas the q3 gets 44hp more ( 184 vs 228 ) out of the same size engine.

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I’d like to get OFF the subject of power and back to any help I can get on this deal.

Yeah, if you’ve contacted multiple dealers then a Tiguan lease is unlikely to get substantially better than what you have here.

If the size is ok, then I thought the CX-5 was much better, though you may be looking at similar prices.