Deal Check: 2020 Subaru Impreza CT

First Time Leaser here!

I really need some help. i believe this is a good deal but I want to offset the doc fee and if there’s anything else I can do would be great. Planning to do a $2000 down payment tto lower monthly costs and paying the other taxes and fees up front as well.

MSRP $21,229
Dealer Discount -$1,260
Outlet Special Price $19,969

My Price: $19,631.00
Doc fee: $598.85
Title/Reg: $253
Acquisition fee: $595
Tax on collected items: $190.50
Total Cap: $21,268.35

Lease Alternatives
$0 = $283.79
$2,000 = $227.05
$3,000 = $198.68
Residual amount: 12,312.82
Zip code: 06705
** 1st lease payment is additional and not included**

They are the lowest I saw and won’t budge much on the sales price

You can save some money with a manual. :slight_smile:

2020 Subaru Impreza Sedan Base 5MT $200/month $0 DAS

Thank you but I can not drive manual :confused:

When you say lowest you saw, is this just the standard advertised lease, or have you reached out to multiple dealerships asking for a lease quote?

What MF are they using? Did you confirm it was buy rate on Edmunds?

I reached out to multiple dealerships (about 4-5) to get a quote and they all started over $20K saying they could not match the price and they actually thought I was lying. I did confirm on Edmunds they said it was a good quote and they only ask for first month up front which is good as well. I asked them to offset the doc fee of $500 and the best they could do was knock off another $175.

When they anchor themselves at their starting point, it becomes an uphill struggle to negotiate.

Reach out to some dealers you have not contacted yet. Offer $240 sign & drive and see who bites or comes closest.

On Edmunds you said

(planning to eventually finance to buy car after leasing)

That’s not a good idea and has been discussed many times here before. You are wasting:

  1. The $650 acq fee which only applies to leases.
  2. The higher used purchase APR you will pay in 3 years vs. the new APR you could get now.
  3. The title fees CT will charge a second time when you try to buy out your lease.

So sounds like I am better of leasing a new vehicle at the end of my lease then.
I’m not going to buy a car at the moment.

Check out this thread. Upstate NY is not that far from you. Send an offer to all these dealers if you are willing to drive up.

Which specific model is this ?