Deal check: 2020 SQ5 (PNW)


2020 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus lease

Location: Seattle, WA
Annual mileage 7.5k/36
MSRP: $66,195
Discount: 10% ($6,619) off msrp - Costco discount
Selling price: $60,471 (after Costco discount + acq fee)
Incentives: $1,750 total ($750 lease cash + $1,000 loyalty). Confirmed both on Edmunds
Mf: .00058 (confirmed this is buy rate on Edmunds)
Residual: .59
DAS: $1,891 (license fee, doc fee, first pmt) Currently acq fee is capitalized which i might pay at signing

Lease Payments:
With all fees and taxes paid up front: 578/m w/o tax. 638 w/ tax
With only the lease acq fee capitalized and rest paid up front (to match lease sheet): 603 w/o tax. 666 w/ tax.

Pretty standard deal I think for this forum (Costco + loyalty + lease cash) but also happy to see it in the PNW as many dealers won’t even use Costco discount. Any other thoughts? I would consider MSDs, but curious if others think there is room on the discount. 2021 models come out soon, but not sure if that would help me at the moment.

LH link (matches lease sheet which has acq fee capitalized): Link

I think this is solid for the PNW.


That is basically the same deal numbers I was able to get, minus loyalty.

However, why not just bump the mileage up to 10k for 1% less residual ($600)? I added audicare for $999 and it also bumped the residual up 1%.


Those are both considerations as well. Probably won’t do the mileage. Audi care would add ~$10 a month after adjusting residual so something to consider (and need to look into SQ5 maintenance schedules)

Looks like a great deal to me!

This is a deal anyone with Costco should be able to get. Good deal but nothing to get excited about.

Thanks. That was the point i was trying to get in my 2nd to last paragraph. It does seem harder to get deals in the PNW so trying to take that into account too. I’ve done research on here and haven’t seen much discount off MSRP beyond Costco. What would you expect to see to make it an “exciting” deal?

I think anything above that would make it an exciting deal. With costco, you are getting the ‘average.’ it wouldn’t hurt to shop around to see who can beat your current deal with a similar MSRP and the features you want.

Check in with a few places farther out (There’s Bellvue Audi, Tacoma Audi, Bellingham) and even in Oregon (Wilsonville, Beaverton).

Thanks! This wasn’t from audi seattle but a different dealer in WA. Ive considered Oregon but not sure it’s worth my time driving there for another 1 or 2% off MSRP (and assuming they’d charge shipping to get it to me which would also offset part of the discount)

Got it. You’d be surprised, I think 2% additional off of MSRP equates to $1,300 which would be worth it to me.
I had a friend who worked with a dealer near Portland. They were able to get the car to Seattle for no charge.

Anyways - wouldn’t hurt to try, but either way, enjoy the SQ5!

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