Deal Check 2020 Range Rover Evoque SE Florida

Negotiated the deal down from $554/mo to this so I am thinking about doing it. Thoughts?

2020 Range Rover Evoque SE New

MSRP $52599
Monthly payment $495
Drive off Amount $4455
36 months/ 7500 miles
MF: .00101
Residual: 62% $32,605
Incentives: $4,591
Region: FL
Leasehackr Score: 7.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Have you confirmed mf/rv/incentives with edmunds?

Your discount seems fairly low by the time you pull out the $4591 in incentives out (which should be separated out in the calculator).

From what I can tell on Edmunds the only incentives that Land Rover is offering now for leases is a 90 day deferment of payments. I tried to get a a larger discount from the dealer, but was told it was a no go.

$570~ pre tax per month for a 7.5k per year Evoque lease doesn’t look like a good deal.

What did they tell you when you asked for mf/rv/incentives?

$495/ month includes tax

It’s not. You have a $2500 downpayment.

$4455 in drive offs, not $2500…

It’s $605 /mo equivalent

The incentives I was shown were a stimulus savings ( which I assume is a mfr incentive) of $3591 and an Autonation savings of $1000. I am not aware of any other savings that may be available. After all this is FL and things are different here. Thanks for your help.

No, they aren’t.

You need to find out from edmunds what the rv/mf/incentives are. That means posting and asking for your zip, not looking around anywhere else on their website.

There’s nothing unique about florida when it comes to leasing.

$1000 autonation savings isn’t an incentive.

Tell them someone just recently leased this same car for $350 a month and you demand the same

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Thanks again. I will check on Edmunds and see what I can find there.

I’m choosing zero drive off in the calculator he posted. Multiplying that by 35 and dividing it by 36 gives me $570~. Minus $10 per month state fees let’s say $560~

Well that’s not going to get him anywhere… The $350/month evoque was a loaner and a ridiculously good deal at that

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And what kind of BS add ons are there? autonation is always good with that

Money factor on a SE is also .00001 as per Edmunds. Not sure if what you wrote in your original post is a typo but that’s insanely marked up.

Thanks. I asked the question on Edmunds and saw that myself. Still negotiating.

As someone who owns an Evoque…don’t do it. Save yourself the time and hassle and lease a different vehicle. We’re still under warranty thank goodness, but the number of trips to the dealer for repairs is ridiculous for a vehicle of this price. It’s actually left me stranded on a cross-country trip. After speaking to so many other owners with similar experiences, never again will I own a Land Rover product.

I put about 50k on my evoque before I sold it and it was completely flawless. :man_shrugging:


I hope your bad Evoque experience was the exception rather than the rule. I just sent in the app after speaking to a local broker that got me a better price on the same vehicle. A second dealer waived the dealer fee and it dropped the monthly to $479 tax incl. I am happy with the deal and hope that I don’t have to drive it in for service every week. I only put 18K miles on my last 36 month lease so I’m hoping that the Evoque will be trouble free for the time I have it.